Talking beauty favourites with Fluff & Fripperies’ Emma Henderson

Rosemary and Fluffyblog talk makeup

There were many hilarious faces made throughout this video I filmed with Fluff & Fripperies‘ Emma Henderson, but this still was one of my favourites where, let’s face it, we look like we have no idea what these objects are – or what we’re even doing there.

To be clear: we decided to get together to do a wee film where we waxed lyrical about some of the beauty bits we’re loving right now, and the lovely Deryck Tormey, photographer extraordinaire, agreed to sit through our witterings in exchange for post-filming pizza.

You can check out all the products we’re loving in the description on Emma’s YouTube channel or you can, y’know, just watch the video. (Please let’s not talk about the fact that I am like a beauty simpleton while Emma is clearly a makeup guru. Sigh.)

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  1. Love this video! Very imformative. Going to buy the Chanel bronze shadow after seeing this!

  2. […] while I was full of lofty ambitions about blogging frequently and generally keeping up with myself, Emma Henderson and I sat down to talk beauty favourites. Well, we also shot a video where we talked skincare and haircare, and while Emma was excellent at […]

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