Get out of your 3 mobile contract – penalty-free

get out of your 3 mobile contract

I’ve been telling anyone and everyone about how you can get out of your 3 mobile contract right now without incurring any penalties, and then I thought: why not publish a post on my blog about it? Might help someone who’s just dying to get a new phone, or just to move away from their contract with 3. (Although honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it – as far as I can tell, they have the best deals on unlimited data and calls.)

3 has just announced an increase in a lot of mobile plans – you should have got a letter in the post today. The increases are small change and, as it happens, you get more bang for your buck, including free EU roaming, but what they amount to is a breach of contract. In short, you signed up to pay X amount and 3 is now telling you that you’ll be paying X + Y.

So what can you do? Give them a call and explain to them that you’re not happy with the increases and you wish to cancel your contract. You’ll be giving 30 days’ notice (it won’t be effective immediately) of your desire to end your contract and, once those 30 days are up, you’ll be a free agent.

Point to note: you have 30 days from today to cancel your contract, so don’t put it off. Also, if you try to get out of your 3 mobile contract, they will try to convince you to stay, so you’ll have to stay firm. (When I did it, they offered to move me on to a sim-only plan immediately, forgoing the 30-day notice period.)

Hat tip to which, as it happens, is good for some things! 🙂

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  1. Sorry Rosemary but what was the point of this post??

    To quote you ….
    “Might help someone who’s just dying to get a new phone, or just to move away from their contract with 3. (Although honestly, I wouldn’t recommend it – as far as I can tell, they have the best deals on unlimited data and calls.)”

    If you believe 3 do have “the best deals on unlimited data and calls” then why are you calling them out in order to prompt people to leave them? This is all a bit click bait like IMO*

    *I do not work for three

  2. What is the relevance of this post ?. They don’t have the best deal. I just moved from bill pay to pay as you go last month with them and 3 have now removed free weekend calls from my €20 plan. I shall be moving to meteor. Sorry but this blog is misleading

  3. Caren, don’t worry, I don’t think everyone critical has an agenda! (Or at least I hope not!) I posted it because I know that people (like me!) might want to get a new handset but not be due an upgrade for an age – this is a loophole that allows you to end your current contract without penalties, and sign up again like a brand new customer, new phone an’ all! (that’s exactly what I did because I genuinely do really like 3!)

    Judy, I’m sorry if you’re not happy with your service – but, like I said, it’s just my opinion. Obviously different deals will suit different people, and we obviously have very different needs as I have a €60 plan (I use a LOT of data, calls and texts apparently!). I hope you have better luck with Meteor 😀

  4. Rosemary, I found this really helpful and want to say thank you for writing it! I also received the letter. It was dated March 1st. But I only got it today, the 8th. Definitely giving them a call tomorrow. I don’t want to be paying extra money monthly for extra’s that I don’t need/never needed. I’m gutted because I thought this was a great deal. And I’m raging they’re removing the free weekend calls from the €20 deal… Not to worry, there’s other networks out there! 🙂

  5. I was delighted you wrote this post Rosemary!! My phone was robbed a few weeks ago in town and I’m not due an upgrade until December so to get the same phone again it would have cost me 650 euro. If I cancel and sign up again, I only have to pay 150. Huge difference!! Wouldn’t have even known if I didn’t see it on your Snapchat or this post so thank you!!

  6. I did this today…they managed to keep me on the same plan I’m on (€5) increase which I actually didn’t mind and are sending me an iPhone 6s for free next week! I threatened to move provider who were offerning a better deal and I was honest and said I basically wanted a new handset. Hassle free and very nice. Happy days.

  7. We have a similar issue with the so-called “unlimited” plans here in the U.S. They say it’s going to be X amount of dollars, but then they always tack on extra charges. Not to mention the unlimited providers in the states have such poor service that it hardly makes it worth it. If I ever move to the UK I’ll probably just avoid 3 mobile lol.

  8. Great post. Loopholes are always interesting and in this case it could be very benificial. What were people grumbling about?

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