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The effects of depression on my everyday life

the effects of depression Rosemary Mac Cabe

Think you know about the effects of depression? Well, you probably don’t – because they’re many and varied and most of them will be a surprise.


Weightlifting in Portugal: a retreat with Lift Training Studios

weightlifting Lift Training Studios Lagos retreat

Weightlifting in the sun sounds like just the ticket – but is a week of working out in Portugal really a holiday? And would I do it again?


P20 and me – sun, Spain and paper planes

P20 sunscreen Rosemary Mac Cabe

I’ve always used P20 – as a child, swimming and sunning myself in Spain and now, as an adult, lifting weights in Portugal


Summer songs that always make it feel like holidays

summer songs Len Steal My Sunshine

What are your favourite summer songs? Here are the tunes that are guaranteed to give me serious flashbacks to my teenage years and beyond


The Late Late Show guests I’d definitely tune in for

RTE Late Late Show Ryan Tubridy Rosemary Mac Cabe

I’ll admit that I frequently tune into the Late Late Show – and I find myself thinking of tonnes of people I’d love to see on that couch!