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Summer coats to buy now (and wear all year)

summer coats River Island Frassy

Like good hearts, summer coats these days are hard to find. So I’ve taken the hard work out of it by selecting the only acceptable ones.


Depression, low mood, anxiety and zero motivation: me RN

depression anxiety low mood no motivation

For those of us who suffer from depression, periods of low mood can be pretty scary – even if we’re lucky enough to have a strong support system.


Affiliate links: how bloggers make money from your purchases

affiliate links bloggers purchases

Sometimes I forget that affiliate links are still a bit of a mystery to some people – here’s how they work and how bloggers can bank big €€€ from them.


Assemble by Louise Tracey: ethical, sustainable Irish fashion

Assemble by Louise Tracey ethical fashion

Say hello to Assemble by Louise Tracey, a new Irish fashion brand that is sustainable, ethical and introduces a whole new way of thinking about clothes.


Revenge porn and me – and a Dublin taxi driver I once knew

The fear that a moment in your life could be used against you – in an incident of revenge porn, say – is a distinctly female terror. And it shouldn’t be.