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Being perfect is not that easy (I should know) | Rosemary rants

being perfect spider web

It feels like a lot of my life, being perfect has been a pretty high priority. But I’ve never managed to achieve it, so what’s the point?


Delahunt, Camden St review: an impromptu dinner

An impromptu dinner at Delahunt on a Thursday evening ended up being probably the best meal I’ve had in Dublin so far this year.


Vegetarianism for beginners: why I’ve quit eating meat

vegetarianism for beginners why I quit eating meat

When I tell people I’m giving vegetarianism a try, the assumption is that my decision is health-related. The truth is a bit more complicated.


High-street buys that look incredibly high-end

high-street buys that look really high end

In my quest to buy more ethically, I’m trying to buy better – and that means items that I love and will wear over and over again.


Get out of your 3 mobile contract – penalty-free

get out of your 3 mobile contract

I’ve been telling anyone and everyone about how you can get out of your 3 mobile contract right now without incurring any penalties, and then I thought: why not publish a post on my blog about it? Might help someone who’s just dying to get a new phone, or just to move away from their contract with […]