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Accessibility matters: How to be Sound, Episode 1 – transcript

Ciara Norton Rosemary Mac Cabe How to be Sound podcast

For those with accessibility difficulties, here’s a transcript of the debut episode of my new podcast, How to be Sound! I hope you enjoy reading along.


The €100 cinema trip: my Stella Theatre review

Stella Theatre cinema review

Could a €100 cinema date ever be worth the money? Here’s my review of the newly refurbished and revamped Stella Theatre in Dublin 6.


Workout gear that might actually be worth buying (and it’s affordable)

Aldi workout gear

It’s important to talk about how gross it is when companies prey on our feelings of shame and guilt after Christmas indulgences, but also: this workout gear is nice. Swings and roundabouts.


Popular in 2017 – is it you, or me?

Robert Kelly interview 2017

What really did it for me in 2017? Rather than reflecting on the year as a whole, I wanted to take the opportunity to truly focus on the positives.


Fuck diet culture – at Christmas, above all times

diet culture

Diet culture makes us hate our bodies, shames us for eating chocolate and makes us feel guilty for sitting on the couch. I say, enough is enough.