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Your love gives me such a thrill, but your love won’t pay my bills…

what is Patreon

I tweeted yesterday about my Patreon account – where I’m asking people to support me but, more specifically, my podcast, How to be Sound, by pledging to pay a certain amount per month. You can see how that went in the tweets below, or on my Instagram, where the comments got similarly… heated. What she […]


Anatomy of a press day

Primark AW2018 Penneys press day 2018

Today’s Primark (Penneys, hun) A/W 2018 press day was the first fashion PR event I’ve been to in a while. It’s funny; I’d almost forgotten what it was like. I was struck, today, by the clichés you see again and again at each and every press event – both of the event itself, and those […]


Repeal the 8th: a manifesto in video form

repeal the 8th abortion rights Ireland

I’ve written about my desire to repeal the 8th before – in this blog post, which was accused of being condescending (but was intended to just be really straightforward and easy to digest). But I had never really put my thoughts into words, bar the odd Instagram Story and so, the other day, when I was […]


Eco-friendly sanitary pads | Review

A few months ago, way back when I started my podcast, I declared that I wanted to find eco-friendly sanitary pads to make my monthly menstruations less environmentally damaging. I had tried the mooncup and enjoyed it, for a time; ultimately, it had let me down in the most heinous of ways (trigger warning: bodily trauma). […]


How to be Sound with Caroline Hirons: Episode 7 transcript

Caroline Hirons How to be Sound

This episode of How to be Sound features none other than international skincare guru, Caroline Hirons, talking all things, well, blogging. We chatted about Bloggers Unveiled, how to wrangle a free car and whether or not bloggers deserve the crap they get online. Here’s the transcript of all 41 minutes of our chat – please […]