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Popular in 2017 – is it you, or me?

Robert Kelly interview 2017

What really did it for me in 2017? Rather than reflecting on the year as a whole, I wanted to take the opportunity to truly focus on the positives.


FACT: Being a full-time blogger is easier than 99% of jobs

fashion blogger Sincerely Jules

I know, I know – you’re shocked and stunned by the revelation that working as a full-time blogger is, in fact, all fun and games. (Stay with us.) I worked as a full-time blogger for a little over a year, give or take. You can read about my transition from journalist to full-time blogger here, and […]


So, someone tied balloons to my door with insults written on them – tales of trolls

trolling trolls rosemarymaccabe

It was when someone tied balloons to the front door of my house that I realised I’d had enough – of trolls and of trouble.


Want clear skin? Here’s what I do to keep mine glowing and blemish-free

clear skin Revive Active Rosemary Mac Cabe

I’ve always had clear skin, but lately it’s clearer and more glowing than ever. Here are the steps I’m taking that I think make a big difference.


A little life update (of sorts)

Where have I been – and what’s next?