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Trolling, negativity and random strangers – or, here’s an email I got…

trolling negativity hate Rosemary Mac Cabe

Is trolling just part and parcel of the influencer game – and should we just shut up and put up with it? I’d love to know your thoughts!


Brands bashing bloggers – or, what, you (think you) don’t need us any more?

brands bashing bloggers Cocoa Brown Rosemary Mac Cabe

When you see brands bashing bloggers, it’s time to face facts: the love affair between bloggers and business owners is over. And it’s about bloody time.


Affiliate links: how bloggers make money from your purchases

affiliate links bloggers purchases

Sometimes I forget that affiliate links are still a bit of a mystery to some people – here’s how they work and how bloggers can bank big €€€ from them.


Get out of your 3 mobile contract – penalty-free

get out of your 3 mobile contract

I’ve been telling anyone and everyone about how you can get out of your 3 mobile contract right now without incurring any penalties, and then I thought: why not publish a post on my blog about it? Might help someone who’s just dying to get a new phone, or just to move away from their contract with […]


Must-read blogs: who survived the cull?

must-read blogs The Blonde Salad

My must-read blogs have changed a lot since I started out blogging – and reading! After a few good culls, who survived? Check out my daily reading list.