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2017 VIP Style Awards – the red carpet

2017 VIP Style Awards

Ah, the 2017 VIP Style Awards, where some people looked amazing and others, er, did not. Who do you think ranked as the most stylish on the night?


Arnotts spring fashion show – a brand spectacular

Arnotts spring fashion show Rosemary Mac Cabe

At the Arnotts spring fashion show, it’s difficult to figure out exactly who the department store’s customer is – but maybe that’s the point.


Gossies 2017: why I’m not going

Gossies 2017 Why I'm not going Rosemary Mac Cabe

By now you will have heard of the Gossies – an awards ceremony for bloggers, influencers and, er, #GirlBosses. I’m a nominee, but I’m not going. Here’s why.