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What’s your style touchstone?

rosemary mac cabe style touchstone

The most recent episode of Call Your Girlfriend (an excellent podcast, by the way – much recommend*) opens with a reference to the Wall Street Journal article in which US Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg spoke about her very own style touchstone, the scrunchie. It got me thinking about my own style touchstone – […]


New job dressing – your smart casual capsule wardrobe

new job dressing Devil Wears Prada

New job dressing got you down? Here are a few ideas for what to wear when a funereal suit isn’t your idea of fun.


An ode to Eddie Rocket’s – with bonus #OOTD

Rosemary Mac Cabe Eddie Rocket's

It’s confession time: I <3 Eddie Rocket's, and I probably always will. Here's why – and it's about more than just those sinful chocolate malts (I swear).


My personal style – how I (finally) found it

my personal style eclectic

I’ve been shopping wrong for my personal style almost my whole life, and it took a drastic wardrobe drought and a few hours on Pinterest to set me straight.


Reader request: What to wear to a job interview

interview outfit

Here’s how to nail job interview dressing for the corporate world – and no, you can’t wear those shitty ballet pumps.