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I didn’t report my rapist: here’s why [trigger warning, clearly]

I didn't report my rapist

If I told you I didn’t report my rapist, would you judge me? It’s okay, I’m judging myself – but things aren’t always completely clear cut.


Sugar babies and sugar daddies – a muddle of thoughts

sugar babies sugar daddies Snapchat

I rarely think about sugar babies – but when I started following one on Snapchat, I started having a lot of thoughts, and they’re not all good.


Books worth reading in 2017 | Rosemary recommends

books worth reading Rosemary Mac Cabe

You want the names of some books worth reading? You got ’em…


Would you trust your partner to take the male Pill? (and other sexist BS men have to put up with)

would you trust a man to take the male Pill Rosemary Mac Cabe

The male Pill is on its way – and with it, more conversations about how men are dimwits who can’t be trusted. What do you think?


Reflections from #FemFest: My feminist future

Rosemary Mac Cabe femfest feminist future

At FemFest in Dublin, I spoke to a group of young women about feminism today – and tomorrow. Here are some of the more salient points.