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Paddy Jackson, “innocence”, rape and redemption

Paddy Jackson Belfast rape rugby player

When Paddy Jackson, Stuart Olding, Blane McIlroy and Rory Harrison were acquitted, in March, of all charges in a rape trial that lasted nine weeks (while the jury’s deliberations lasted three hours and 40 minutes), we should have known that wouldn’t be the end of things. It was a verdict that sparked outrage and protests; […]


How to be Sound in a post-Referendum world with Ellen Coyne: Episode 8 transcript

Ellen Coyne journalist post Referendum

This episode of How to be Sound features Times Ireland senior reporter Ellen Coyne, talking about life post-Repeal; what Simon Harris smells like and what great feminist fight will be coming next. Here follows the transcript of our chat – please do share with any friends with hearing difficulties who may be interested in learning How to be Sound!  […]


Shock update: it’s easy to be body positive when you’re thin (and cis, and white…)

Mariah Aro Sharp body positive

Pic credit: Mariah Aro Sharp If you enjoy reading blog posts like ‘It’s easy to be body positive when you’re thin’, would you consider donating as little as $1 a month (about 89 cents) to support and my podcast, How to be Sound? I have a Patreon account where you can do just that – read […]


Repeal the 8th: a manifesto in video form

repeal the 8th abortion rights Ireland

I’ve written about my desire to repeal the 8th before – in this blog post, which was accused of being condescending (but was intended to just be really straightforward and easy to digest). But I had never really put my thoughts into words, bar the odd Instagram Story and so, the other day, when I was […]


Eco-friendly sanitary pads | Review

A few months ago, way back when I started my podcast, I declared that I wanted to find eco-friendly sanitary pads to make my monthly menstruations less environmentally damaging. I had tried the mooncup and enjoyed it, for a time; ultimately, it had let me down in the most heinous of ways (trigger warning: bodily trauma). […]