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Being vegetarian is hard | Confession time

being vegetarian deliciously ella

If you’d asked me a year ago, I would’ve said that being vegetarian was easy – sure, anyone can do it! Then I tried it myself.


Delahunt, Camden St review: an impromptu dinner

An impromptu dinner at Delahunt on a Thursday evening ended up being probably the best meal I’ve had in Dublin so far this year.


Vegetarianism for beginners: why I’ve quit eating meat

vegetarianism for beginners why I quit eating meat

When I tell people I’m giving vegetarianism a try, the assumption is that my decision is health-related. The truth is a bit more complicated.


Best pancakes in Dublin – from sinful to (almost) saintly

best pancakes in Dublin

Who makes the best pancakes in Dublin, you ask? Whether you’re into crepes or hotcakes, here are my top pancake picks for the day that’s in it.


Where to eat in Cork – and where to stay, to boot! | Rosemary recommends

where to eat in Cork hotel stay Rosemary Mac Cabe

With a 48-hour stay ahead of me, I asked my social channels where to eat in Cork – and where to stay. Here’s where we went (and where we didn’t get to).