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My top podcast recommendations (warning: I like murder)

podcast recommendations

If you like reading my work, listening to my podcast or following me on social media, please consider donating as little as $1 a month (about 89 cents) to support and my podcast, How to be Sound. I have a Patreon account where you can do just that – read all about it here and check it out here. […]


The drive so far – me, myself and my Volkswagen

A few months ago, I wrote a feature – about my life, my work and my car – for the Volkswagen Ireland magazine. Here it is, complete with photographs of me, Bonzo, Coileán and my Volkswagen up!


Soz, bbz: Why I unfollowed you on Instagram

why I unfollowed you on Instagram

If I unfollowed you on Instagram, I’m sorry – but, er, not really, because you probably committed one of these cardinal sins.


What Instagram’s new algorithm means to you

turn on post notifications instagram algorithm

We’ve had a good run of it with Instagram – a free social media platform for photo sharing, stalking and, yes, marketing. But the jig is up and the algorithm is shifting; here’s what that means.


So you think you want to be a journalist?

Sometimes it feels like everyone and their best friend wants to be a journalist – here are my top tips.