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Eco-friendly sanitary pads | Review

A few months ago, way back when I started my podcast, I declared that I wanted to find eco-friendly sanitary pads to make my monthly menstruations less environmentally damaging. I had tried the mooncup and enjoyed it, for a time; ultimately, it had let me down in the most heinous of ways (trigger warning: bodily trauma). […]


Accessibility matters: How to be Sound, episode 4 – transcript

Jeanne Sutton endometriosis

For those with accessibility issues – or those who simply like reading along – here’s the transcript of Episode 4 of How to be Sound, talking endometriosis with Jeanne (Jean) Sutton.


Your “no excuses” mentality is bullshit: here’s why

no excuses

The concept of “no excuses” ignores a whole myriad of genuine reasons why I can’t achieve what you have – and ignoring that makes you an asshole.


Workout gear that might actually be worth buying (and it’s affordable)

Aldi workout gear

It’s important to talk about how gross it is when companies prey on our feelings of shame and guilt after Christmas indulgences, but also: this workout gear is nice. Swings and roundabouts.


Fuck diet culture – at Christmas, above all times

diet culture

Diet culture makes us hate our bodies, shames us for eating chocolate and makes us feel guilty for sitting on the couch. I say, enough is enough.