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My mooncup sucked out my coil: a true horror story

mooncup sucks out copper coil bloom magic flowers

If you’re of a squeamish disposition, there is a strong chance that you won’t want to read this tale – of a battle between mooncup and copper coil, in which only one can be the victor – although, given the title, I’m surprised you clicked through to begin with. Why use a mooncup? Let’s start […]


Change your health direction – for free – with LloydsPharmacy #ad

Change your health direction LloydsPharmacy

I’m taking part in LloydsPharmacy’s eight-week Change Your Health Direction programme, which is a completely free guide to taking your health into your own hands.


Hip hop retreat, you say? I want my groove back!

Jane Shortall hip hop dance retreat

I used to love hip hop – and I thought I was a pretty good dancer, too. Will a weekend dance retreat take me back to my glory days?


Model masterclass? You may as well throw your cash away

model masterclass Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen for Colcci’s spring 2015 campaign A follower sent me a link yesterday to a model masterclass that her teenage daughter really, really wanted to do. She wasn’t sure whether she should fork out the money; her daughter “has what it takes”, she said. “Would this help her get a foot in the door?” A brief […]


The alt-right movement: everything you (really) need to know

alt-right movement Irish Times

Sickened by The Irish Times’ sympathetic view of the alt-right movement? It’s okay – I fixed it.