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Workout gear that might actually be worth buying (and it’s affordable)

Aldi workout gear

It’s important to talk about how gross it is when companies prey on our feelings of shame and guilt after Christmas indulgences, but also: this workout gear is nice. Swings and roundabouts.


Lessons I learned at Bikram class

bikram yoga

My first Bikram yoga class in about five years taught me a lot of things – some new, and others I’d just forgotten – about myself


Fitbit Ionic review: how objective can I be about a €350 freebie?

Fitbit Ionic review

I was given the Fitbit Ionic as a press sample, and taken on a free holiday – so can I give an objective review (and what do I think)?


Privilege, priorities and making time for the gym | Rosemary Rants

privilege, priority, working out, fitness

Making it to the gym on the daily isn’t about how much you want it – it’s about privilege, and I’m sick of hearing people say otherwise.


Rosemary Mac Cabe PT – the next chapter

Rosemary Mac Cabe PT personal training

Yep, you read right – personal training. I’ve gone back to college to become a personal trainer; here’s the why, the how and the when.