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En Voga with Danone Light and Free #ad

Danone Light and Free Rosemary Mac Cabe

Danone Light and Free, voga and a summery sunset – that’s a recipe for a deadly evening out in Dublin!


How to get started (when you really can’t see how)

how to get started Rosemary Mac Cabe

Knowing how to get started is often the most difficult aspect of diet and fitness – here’s what I’ve learned from starting over (and over).


Dublin by water – a trip upriver with City Kayaking

city kayaking Dublin Rosemary Mac Cabe

Do you ever stop to think about what you do every weekend? In my case, the answer would be not very much – so I decided to explore the Liffey with City Kayaking. Y’know, as you do…


Why I went to No1 Bootcamp in Ibiza – and why I’d never go back…

no1 bootcamp Ibiza

A week at No1 Bootcamp in Ibiza tested my mind and body – here’s why I did it.


10 things people say when you join the #cleaneating #fitfam

Here are some seriously irritating phrases that will be incredibly familiar to anyone trying to join the fitfam – and here’s what I say in response!