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The copper coil, one year later: an update

copper coil update contraceptive

My copper coil and I have had a pretty tempestuous relationship thus far, but I’ve finally made peace with my contraceptive of choice – here’s the update.


Body positivity and self-care: meet the most important person on Snapchat

body positivity gabifresh swimsuits

I recently started following an Irish woman who is laying out a roadmap of how to get on the body positivity bandwagon – and I’m all in.


Personal fertility testing with Let’s Get Checked

personal fertility testing let's get checked

Ever wondered what’s going on with your eggs? Personal fertility testing with Let’s Get Checked is super quick, convenient and takes out the guesswork.


My mooncup sucked out my coil: a true horror story

mooncup sucks out copper coil bloom magic flowers

If you’re of a squeamish disposition, there is a strong chance that you won’t want to read this tale – of a battle between mooncup and copper coil, in which only one can be the victor – although, given the title, I’m surprised you clicked through to begin with. Why use a mooncup? Let’s start […]


Change your health direction – for free – with LloydsPharmacy #ad

Change your health direction LloydsPharmacy

I’m taking part in LloydsPharmacy’s eight-week Change Your Health Direction programme, which is a completely free guide to taking your health into your own hands.