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Alexa Chung, concern trolling and why her body is none of your business

Alexa Chung body concern trolling

I don’t follow Alexa Chung. I can’t afford to buy her clothes, I’m jealous of her relationship with Alexander Skarsgard aka the hottest vampire in the world ever, and I find her ability to look good even when she clearly hasn’t washed her hair in days irritating. So this piece is not a defense of […]


Eco-friendly sanitary pads | Review

A few months ago, way back when I started my podcast, I declared that I wanted to find eco-friendly sanitary pads to make my monthly menstruations less environmentally damaging. I had tried the mooncup and enjoyed it, for a time; ultimately, it had let me down in the most heinous of ways (trigger warning: bodily trauma). […]


Accessibility matters: How to be Sound, episode 4 – transcript

Jeanne Sutton endometriosis

For those with accessibility issues – or those who simply like reading along – here’s the transcript of Episode 4 of How to be Sound, talking endometriosis with Jeanne (Jean) Sutton.


Your “no excuses” mentality is bullshit: here’s why

no excuses

The concept of “no excuses” ignores a whole myriad of genuine reasons why I can’t achieve what you have – and ignoring that makes you an asshole.


Fuck diet culture – at Christmas, above all times

diet culture

Diet culture makes us hate our bodies, shames us for eating chocolate and makes us feel guilty for sitting on the couch. I say, enough is enough.