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What does “healthy eating” even mean?! (Some notes)

healthy eating Rosemary Mac Cabe

It can be REALLY confusing to figure out what “healthy eating” means, and how to make sure we’re doing it – so where do we start?


Privilege, priorities and making time for the gym | Rosemary Rants

privilege, priority, working out, fitness

Making it to the gym on the daily isn’t about how much you want it – it’s about privilege, and I’m sick of hearing people say otherwise.


Rosemary Mac Cabe PT – the next chapter

Rosemary Mac Cabe PT personal training

Yep, you read right – personal training. I’ve gone back to college to become a personal trainer; here’s the why, the how and the when.


The copper coil, one year later: an update

copper coil update contraceptive

My copper coil and I have had a pretty tempestuous relationship thus far, but I’ve finally made peace with my contraceptive of choice – here’s the update.


Body positivity and self-care: meet the most important person on Snapchat

body positivity gabifresh swimsuits

I recently started following an Irish woman who is laying out a roadmap of how to get on the body positivity bandwagon – and I’m all in.