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Being self-employed is tough – here are the bits no one tells you about

being self-employed Rosemary Mac Cabe

Don’t get me wrong – it’s great being self-employed, but it has its tough moments, too, and it’s definitely worth weighing them up before you jump in.


Model masterclass? You may as well throw your cash away

model masterclass Gisele Bundchen

Gisele Bundchen for Colcci’s spring 2015 campaign A follower sent me a link yesterday to a model masterclass that her teenage daughter really, really wanted to do. She wasn’t sure whether she should fork out the money; her daughter “has what it takes”, she said. “Would this help her get a foot in the door?” A brief […]


New job dressing – your smart casual capsule wardrobe

new job dressing Devil Wears Prada

New job dressing got you down? Here are a few ideas for what to wear when a funereal suit isn’t your idea of fun.


The drive so far – me, myself and my Volkswagen

A few months ago, I wrote a feature – about my life, my work and my car – for the Volkswagen Ireland magazine. Here it is, complete with photographs of me, Bonzo, Coileán and my Volkswagen up!


The job interview – tips, tricks and advice

job interview tips Rosemary Mac Cabe

Here are my top job interview tips for impressing the panel – and figuring out whether you’d be a good fit!