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Your “no excuses” mentality is bullshit: here’s why

no excuses

The concept of “no excuses” ignores a whole myriad of genuine reasons why I can’t achieve what you have – and ignoring that makes you an asshole.


The effects of depression on my everyday life

the effects of depression Rosemary Mac Cabe

Think you know about the effects of depression? Well, you probably don’t – because they’re many and varied and most of them will be a surprise.


We need to talk about… Facetune | Rosemary rants

Facetune photo editing Rosemary Mac Cabe

I’m calling BS on Facetune – or any app that makes you look “better” than you currently look. Because “better” is subjective and, besides, who has the time?


Depression, low mood, anxiety and zero motivation: me RN

depression anxiety low mood no motivation

For those of us who suffer from depression, periods of low mood can be pretty scary – even if we’re lucky enough to have a strong support system.


Why my 2017 goals DON’T include body transformation pics

2017 goals body transformation pics Rosemary Mac Cabe

I’ve had enough of beating myself up over what my body does or doesn’t look like – in 2017, I’m shifting the focus from outside to in.