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Depression, low mood, anxiety and zero motivation: me RN

depression anxiety low mood no motivation

For those of us who suffer from depression, periods of low mood can be pretty scary – even if we’re lucky enough to have a strong support system.


Revenge porn and me – and a Dublin taxi driver I once knew

The fear that a moment in your life could be used against you – in an incident of revenge porn, say – is a distinctly female terror. And it shouldn’t be.


Being perfect is not that easy (I should know) | Rosemary rants

being perfect spider web

It feels like a lot of my life, being perfect has been a pretty high priority. But I’ve never managed to achieve it, so what’s the point?


Lent 2017: what I’m not giving up

What I'm not giving up for Lent

I’m sick of writing lists of things I need to deprive myself of – instead, here’s the definitive list of things I ain’t quitting for Lent.


Once loved, now loathed – 7 things I used to enjoy

once loved Rosemary Mac Cabe

I once loved a lot of things that I now hate – here are just a few. (By that same token, of course, I now like coffee and Brussels sprouts, so don’t worry.)