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Accessibility matters: How to be Sound, Episode 2 – transcript

how to be sound rebecca flynn rosemary mac cabe podcast

For those with accessibility issues – or those who simply like reading along – here’s the transcript of Episode 2 of How to be Sound, featuring Rebecca Flynn


Accessibility matters: How to be Sound, Episode 1 – transcript

Ciara Norton Rosemary Mac Cabe How to be Sound podcast

For those with accessibility difficulties, here’s a transcript of the debut episode of my new podcast, How to be Sound! I hope you enjoy reading along.


Bitch, please: My week of living kindly (featured in U magazine)

There are moments in life when it becomes painfully evident that a change is needed. You know, those moments when you don’t fit into your stretchy, downtime jeans; when you realise that your car has run out of petrol (like actually 100% empty) for the third time this month; when you check your bank statement […]


Depression can be a slow ebb

I wrote this article in 2011, when suicide was – as it so often is – in the news, after I was diagnosed with depression and prescribed medication to deal with the diagnosis. Since then, I have come off antidepressants and, more recently, gone back on them again. It’s been a tough slog. Going back […]