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What do you say when there’s nothing to be said?

Rosemary Mac Cabe know what to say

I think it’s important to be aware. I think we should read the news. But I’m aware. I read the news. And it’s not helping. (Some rambling thoughts.)


The Keepers, The Handmaid’s Tale and Orange is the New Black – stories of women, for women

orange is the new black

Fancy a break from watching stories about men? These three shows are solidly female-focused in very different ways.


Laura’s Views – a guest post: You (yes, you) have an eating disorder

Laura's Views eating disorder

Say hello to Laura’s Views, who’s here to talk eating disorders – why we’ve all got one, and how that even happened in the first place.


News (and a tribute): Lush lipstick, Dublin Tech Summit and more

Lush lipstick Bold Rosemary Mac Cabe

Just a few things from my life this week – new Lush lipstick, a trip to Dublin Tech Summit, some freelance work and (of course) some random thoughts.


No photos please – the joy of undocumented enjoyment

no photos please Rosemary Mac Cabe

Are you the type who’d love a “no photos” rule at family occasions and dinners with friends? If so, let’s hang out – I’m right there with you.