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Jobs I’ve had (and what they’ve taught me)

jobs I've had Rosemary Mac Cabe

I have had many, many jobs over my short life – here is just a selection of the invaluable life lessons taught to me by just a selection of those jobs.


Got a time machine? Here’s what I’d tell myself, 5 years ago…

Rosemary Mac Cabe Emma Henderson 2011

I wouldn’t need to go too far back in time to find a version of myself who could do with learning some harsh life lessons. Here’s what I’d start with…


The really bad news? #Ladyball isn’t the most embarrassing thing about Ireland

ladyball ger brennan

Yes, the #LadyBall ‘joke’ is mortifying, not to mention unfunny – but we should be used to this by now.


Lessons learned from 2015 – or, the year that kicked my ass

lessons learned 2015

I’ll admit – 2015 was not my favourite year so far, or even close. But it taught me some valuable lessons that I hope to remember for a long time to come.


Adele’s Hello is the best thing you’ll hear today (or ever)

Adele‘s new single has landed, and it is a good ‘un – good enough for me to dust off my blogging cobwebs and get posting about her. That being said, I have nothing much to say bar: this is brilliant and, look! It’s Dixon from 90210! (I was mortified when a friend pointed out that […]