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Instagram Stories vs Snapchat: we have a winner!

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Rosemary Mac Cabe

In the great battle of 2017 – Instagram Stories vs Snapchat – who will come out on top? Is it all about numbers, or are there other factors to consider?


Get your kids off Snapchat, please – for their sakes (and mine)

kids Snapchat Sacconejoly vlogging blogging

Do you really need me to explain why Snapchatting your kid’s every move is dumb? (I mean, I hope the answer is yes, cos I wrote a whole piece about it.)


Instagram fakers: what does it mean (and should we care)?

Instagram fakers Rosemary Mac Cabe

Are Instagram fakers the worst people on the planet? Not quite – but finding out your fave ‘grammer is gaming the system may well put you off.


Snapchat: Is it really just a shallow, pointless waste of time?

Snapchat pointless waste of time Rosemary Mac Cabe

A recent Irish Times article claims that Snapchat is shallow, pointless, self-serving and – ultimately – a waste of time. Could that possibly be true?!


We need to talk about… Facetune | Rosemary rants

Facetune photo editing Rosemary Mac Cabe

I’m calling BS on Facetune – or any app that makes you look “better” than you currently look. Because “better” is subjective and, besides, who has the time?