Oh hai there and welcome to my disclaimer page, where I’ll explain who I am, what this here blog is all about, and how I operate.

My name’s Rosemary Mac Cabe and I was once a journalist. Between the jigs and the reels (see Why I quit my job for a good insight), I went fully digital and now blog and do social media for a living. RosemaryMacCabe.com was originally conceived as a place to show off my work – a CV of sorts – until I realised that (a) journalists don’t really need CVs (we just need good ideas) and (b) I wanted somewhere to publish the pieces of writing that didn’t really fit anywhere else.

What do I mean by that? Well, this here blog is where I’ll write about all of the things I really want to write about, when I want to write about them. So you can expect to find a really wide variety of content, covering a whole host of things I love, from travel to beauty, from mental health to food. In an ideal world, I’d strike a healthy balance between what I want to write about – er, my dog – and what you want to read. So if you have any ideas, please let me know by commenting here, tweeting me or messaging me on Facebook.

My opinions are always going to be my own, and not those of any brands, people, institutions or organisations that I may or may not be working with, unless otherwise stated. Which segues neatly into…


From time to time, I’ll collaborate with brands, people, institutions or organisations that I like and am happy to endorse. In this case, I will state explicitly, with #ad in the headline, that money has changed hands. But I can 100% guarantee that I will never work to endorse or promote a product that I don’t like and wouldn’t use.

I promise that I won’t ever try to encourage you to buy something that I wouldn’t buy myself – so you will never see a juice fast, detox tea, or waist trainer on this site. (I did a juice fast once; I lasted less than 48 hours before I had to have a sandwich from Brother Hubbard.)


I host ads on RosemaryMacCabe.com – you’ll see them in the sidebar, down the bottom and, if I ever learn how to really work the internet, in other places too. If, for example, you see an ad for Asos, and you’re thinking of buying a new pair of shoes, it would really help me if you’d click on the ad and go that route to your purchase. If you’d rather not, no biggie.

If you ever see an ad that offends you, or to which you object, please, let me know; like I said, I want this site to be for you almost as much as I want it to be for me.

Affiliate links

As often as I possibly can, I’m going to use affiliate links on rosemarymaccabe.com. What does that mean? Well – it means that, if I recommend something, or refer you to a particular website, the hyperlink that brings you there will have a special piece of code in it that tells them, “Hey, nice Amazon lady! Rosemary Mac Cabe sent you here; make sure you put her name on the commission slip.”

If you decide to buy from a site I’ve reffered you to – even if you’re not buying the item I directed you towards – that little piece of code will stick around, usually for about 30 days, so that I’ll get a little percentage of what you spend. Hate that idea? I don’t blame you; clear your cookies every time you remember, and the little piece of code will disappear. But bear in mind: you’re reading this site for free. And it would really help me out if, every now and then, I managed to get paid because of you reading my site. Affiliate links are just one way of doing that.

I am a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. You may occasionally also see sidebar and banner ads from Amazon.co.uk. I’m also a member of RewardStyle, which allows me to post affiliate links to popular fashion sites.

I don’t want this to seem shady in any way, shape or form so, if ever you’re wondering about outgoing links, just ask me! Seriously: leave a comment or Tweet me, and I’ll tell you what’s what.

PR samples

In my life as a journalist, I get sent a variety of PR samples. If I include any of these in a blog or social media post, I will let you know that it’s been sent to me. But rest assured, if I’m featuring it, it’s because I like the product, or I think it’s a clever idea – like this Lindt bunny Brown Thomas sent me. I don’t feature every single thing I get sent, and I would never feature something specifically in order to get sent more things.


I love receiving comments; it shows that people are reading what I’m writing, and I really love a good debate. But this is my site, and if comments are left that are defamatory, inflammatory, racist, sexist or plain ol’ trolling, I’ll delete them.

Things I will not delete include: questions about whether I’m getting paid for something; people slagging my hair / nails / accent / writing style; criticism of my work. I’m not that precious. (I’ll just cry into my pillow later.)

I want RosemaryMacCabe.com to be a source of interesting, varied content, where there is potential for discussion, and everyone knows where I – and they – stand. If you think I’m getting this wrong, at any point, please, do let me know. And if you think I’m getting it right? Share my stuff and share the <3 xoxo