Rosemary Mac Cabe is a blogger, journalist and TV panellist based in Dublin. She’s currently concentrating full-time on, well, herself – writing her blog (which you’re on – please read at least three other articles before you go), recording YouTube videos, working on becoming a social media star and collaborating with brands she loves on creating quality content. Oh – and she’s also writing a book. Expected publication: 2032.

She has contributed to The Irish Times, IMAGE Magazine, Irish Tatler, Irish Country Magazine and more. She regularly appears on TV3’s Midday and, in primary school, came first in RTÉ’s Irish-language quiz show, Eureka. She still has the T-shirt.


She lives in Dublin with her very dim dog, Coileán (K[wil]-awn), her elusive boyfriend Stephen (aka “Rosemary’s Stephen”) and her collection of impractical accessories.

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  1. Love ur blogs

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    I started to follow you on snapchat as I googled who to follow Ireland, most of the other recommendations I’ve deleted but I really liked you. I’m not one for reading blogs, just never did it but recently saw you snap about your ur fillings and thought oh I want to know more, now I’m hooked! Keep up the good work, always enjoy your snaps.

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