Fancy joining me on a #4WeekChallenge?

Rosemary Mac Cabe #4WeekChallenge

Rosemary Mac Cabe #4WeekChallenge

I won’t lie; it’s been a while since I felt brave enough to take an “after pic”! These are four months apart.

A rocky, rocky road

I’ll admit, I’ve found the last couple of weeks tough – ever since I got back from bootcamp, I found that my motivation was seriously slipping and, while I’d been staying on top of my workouts at Lift Training Studios, my food had definitely gone a bit haywire. The Eddie Rocket’s were slipping in a little too often, I was back to a twice or sometimes thrice weekly cheat meal, and my healthy, green veggie-filled plates were a thing of the past.

I thought to myself: what can I do to get myself back on track, while utilising this amazing community of women (and a few men!) on my social media channels?

Introducing… The #4WeekChallenge

Which is where the #4WeekChallenge comes in! We read so much about getting bikini body ready, but there’s no bad time to get fitter and healthier, and four weeks feels like a nice, short, totally doable timeframe. Truth told, I have an ulterior motive; in four weeks’ time, I’ll be doing a photoshoot (I hate myself for saying this, but more details will come when I know I can share them 🙈) – so it’s the best ever time to try to kick my own ass into gear.

And lookit: this isn’t entirely selfless. Or even remotely selfless! I truly believe that an ambition shared is an ambition you absolutely have to stick to – so if I tell the thousands of people following me on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that I’m doing this, well, you’d best believe I’m gonna do it!

Rosemary Mac Cabe #4WeekChallenge

The rear view… 😂

What’s involved?

This is not a prescriptive plan. I’m not going to be mailing out PDFs with workout breakdowns and nutrition plans (although that could be a great little money spinner!). Instead, I just want us to support one another in an effort to move more and eat better (not less – just better! Because I ❤️  food!).

When you feel like your motivation is slipping, head over to my Facebook page where I’ll be putting up a daily #4WeekChallenge related post – ask for help, explain what’s going on, reach out to me and to the other deadly dames who are on this journey with us.

What am I going to do for you?

All this week, I’ll be hosting an array of #4WeekChallenge-related stuff on, from workout suggestions to food plans, recipes and snack ideas. I’m also going to be here – right here, yep, in the internet, ready to answer any questions and get back to you with motivational quotes gritty realism. I’m not going to give out if you fall off the wagon; I’m gonna ask all about how delicious that doughnut / Domino’s / apple tart was, and then we’re gonna get right back on together!

What are you going to do for me?

Eh, the exact same! When I take to Snapchat to talk about how tough I’m finding avoiding the doughnuts / Domino’s / apple tart, you’re going to tell me what you do to lessen the cravings, from painting your nails late at night (stops you dipping your hands into the crisp packet) to drinking litres upon litres of water when you’re feeling peckish, I wanna know all your secrets. Well, y’know, #4WeekChallenge-related secrets. Let’s not get crazy.

Any questions?

Ask me anything – and I mean anything! My mother will tell you I have no secrets. If you wanna see a post on sports bras, let me know. If you’re wondering if there’s a healthy version of that apple tart, just ask. If you wanna know my opinion on detox teas / meal replacements / juice fasts: they’re quick fixes that work temporarily but set you back overall – don’t waste your money.

So c’mon – let’s do this together 💪

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    • Lynda
    • June 28, 2016

    Hi Rosemary, I cut sugary foods out of my diet about 4 months ago and it has made such a difference. If you’re looking for motivation then I would highly recommend a book called “The Sweet Poison Quit Plan” by David Gillespie. The first week or two requires will power but then you really do just lose the desire to eat sweet stuff after a while.

    • Audrey
    • June 29, 2016

    What’s with the previous Eddie rocket post. Very strange fickle choice of topic. Like fast food needs the ad. Confessing to munching on doughnuts is very different to actively pushing Eddie rockets. I’m feeling conflicted now.

  1. Hi Audrey, it wasn’t an ad at all! I just love Eddie Rocket’s, despite trying to lead a healthy lifestyle and make good food choices – 90% of the time anyway! If you follow me on Snapchat, you’ll have seen a lot of trips to Eddie’s, especially before I started my health kick. So when I took some outfit pics outside Eddie’s, I thought, why not make it an ode to my fave fast food joint! Nothing more to it 😀

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