High-street buys that look incredibly high-end

high-street buys that look really high end

I do keep wittering on about this, but I’ve been trying very hard lately to make more considered high-street buys, with ethical consumption at the forefront of my mind. I don’t know that cutting out all fast fashion is ever going to be a viable option for me, but I do know that I can think more carefully about the things that I do buy.

A big part of the puzzle is elevating fashion from its current place in the pecking order (way down the bottom, below casual weekday dinners in terms of the value we assign it) – and a big part of that is investing in items, not necessarily at a Chanel level, but just thinking about what’s going to serve what purpose.

For me, the focus is really on ignoring – or trying to ignore – trends, and looking at prints, silhouettes and cuts that come back into fashion again and again. With that in mind, here’s a selection of high-street buys that I think don’t look like high-street and will stand the test of time (as long as you take care when washing, obviously).

High-street buys from: Asos

high-street buys that look high end

This A-line skirt* (€73.33) is such a classic shape, but the flamingo print makes it really interesting and fun!

high-street buys that look high end

I’ve never bought anything from Monki, but I’ve heard author and DJ Louise McSharry talking about how great they are, so I was tempted even before I saw this incredible cropped jumpsuit* (€53.33).

high-street buys that look high end

I’m never getting over my obsession with clean white kicks – these New Balance 288s* (€93.33) would make a nice change.

River Island

high-street buys that look high end

This scalloped bag* (€73) is another one that won’t be for everyone, but I love it – and it’s very designer.

high-street buys that look high end

can’t even with these cropped frilly hem trousers* (€50) – I think they’re the kind of pants that would liven up a T-shirt-and-runners kind of day, and make my very casual style look that little bit more put together.

high-street buys that look high end

This blue lace dress* (€107) is very Self Portrait, no? I can guarantee this’ll do well on the wedding circuit, so if you have a celebration coming up it’d be good to get in there early!


high-street buys that look high end

I am a sucker for a pair of chunky platform sandals, like these embroidered fellas* (€46). They’d look SO cute with cropped straight-leg jeans and a white tee.

high-street buys that look high end

More ruffles, this time on a fairly basic mint sweater* (€50). I will admit, I love this colour and the addition of a ruffle – well, that’s just the icing on the cake.


high-street buys that look high end

Zara is always a great one for coming up with incredibly on-trend items that look much dearer than they are, like this blouson dress (€49.95).

high-street buys that look high end

I spotted this striped crossover shirt (€49.95) in store the other day, and I was really tempted to try it on but somehow convinced myself not to. BIG mistake. Huge. I’ll have to go back.

high-street buys that look high end

Lastly, I think this velvet dress (€39.95) is kind of brilliant. It’d look quite cool a little bit tucked into skinny leather jeans, with bare legs and heels or with tights and boots. Tres versatile!

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