How much did I spend this week? | Sep 17-23

September 26, 2018
money diaries Rosemary Mac Cabe Monsoon skirt

I’m wearing: Lab leather jacket*; Zara tee; Monsoon skirt*; Lancaster bag*; and Monsoon boots

I’ve started to get increasingly nervous about writing and publishing these money diaries – essentially because (a) I’m a boring person who eats a lot of the same things, week on week, and (b) I feel slightly ashamed about the sheer amount of money I seem to fritter away on a weekly basis. On the one hand, I would defend it by saying: it’s my money; I don’t have a mortgage; I don’t have children; I don’t have anything specific I’m saving up for. On the other, I’d say: I need to grow up. (This week was not the week I grew up, to be clear.)

So what did I spend my money on this week?

This was both a typical and a not-so-typical week. Typical: I spent a lot of money on food. Not-so-typical: I had a few bigger expenses, such as a doctor’s visit and subsequent prescription purchase, and I went to the airport which always results in unnecessary spending.


8am Monday, Monday. I have clearly entirely eschewed any hope of cycling to work (it just stresses me out so much, being almost murdered at every corner) and get the bus. BUT! I realised I’ve been overpaying on my Leap, and the fare to work is, in fact, just €1.50! It’s a wonderful day. (€1.50)

9am I’m in work on time, which is also rare for me – I’m either early or late, meaning I get to leave early or a little late. What a novelty! I grab a coffee from the canteen and catch up on my emails, Refinery29 reading and, oh yes, work.

12.30pm I meet my aunt for lunch in Two Pups, where I have the avocado on toast. She insists on paying. She lives in the UK and I haven’t seen her in a few months so it’s really nice to catch up.

3pm My Deliveroo Plus payment comes out of my account. I signed up for a month’s free trial and then forgot to cancel it, although to be honest I’m sure I get more than enough Deliveroos each month to justify the cost. (€9.99)

5.15pm I dash from work to Lift for a group training session at 5.30pm. I signed up for a four-week course, three days a week, and between the jigs and the reels I haven’t made it to very many.

7pm I grab a Boojum on the way home. (€11.35)

Daily total: €22.84


8am I grab breakfast at home – scrambled eggs, spinach and avocado – and get the bus to work. (€1.50)

8.45am Treat myself to coffee on the way in – old habits die hard. BUT at least I have my KeepCup, so I don’t have the disposable-cup guilt. (€2.50)

12.30pm I meet my cousin for lunch in the Fumbally. I have the special – some kind of Asian noodles with chicken and broth – and she has the falafel plate. I pay, because I’m older. That’s the family rule. (€21)

5pm I don’t go to training. I’ve been feeling really bad lately, on and off; I’ve had really bad stomach cramping a lot of the time and a dodgy stomach. I used to have IBS and I think it’s back, but I really need to get something done about it as it’s really affecting my life. When I was just eating meat and vegetables, I had zero symptoms, but I don’t want to live like that forever so I want to get to the bottom of it (if you’ll excuse the pun). I decide to go to my doctor’s tomorrow – I haven’t got an appointment but they have a walk-in clinic at 10am. I get the bus home. (€1.50)

6.30pm Because I’m deranged, I order Bombay Pantry. When I’m feeling rubbish, all I want is comfort food – and if my stomach is already in agony, sure, what difference does it make if I get an Indian? That is how my brain works. (€18.70)

Daily total: €45.20


8.30am Doctor is at 10am in Stoneybatter, so I meet my friend and her baby in Slice for breakfast. I owe her €15 from a few weeks ago when she picked up a prescription for me, so I pay. We both have the banana and walnut pancakes with fruit compote and lemon curd, and coffee. (€33)

10am The doctor doesn’t really know what’s going on, so she’s referring me for blood tests and a colonoscopy, as well as making an appointment with a dietician. What a delight. She also gives me a prescription for medication that may help, and says only to take it when I’m experiencing symptoms. (€60)

11am I get a taxi to work on MyTaxi because I’m already (obviously) two hours late. (€9.60)

11.30am When I get to work, the internet is down so we’re all sent to work from home. I pop into Siopaella on my way to pick up some money I had accumulated from selling my clothes, then I pop into Carphone Warehouse to buy a Chromecast; the dog had an accident behind the TV last week and, in the process of cleaning it up, I broke the Chromecast. The joy of dog ownership! (€40)

12pm I work from home for the afternoon. I actually get a lot more done than usual, without the distraction of the office – and I cook myself some hake and vegetables for dinner, which is delish, but the kitchen smells like fish for hours afterwards. UGH.

4pm I pop out to pick up my prescription, and buy a bottle of shower gel while I’m there. It’s on sale for €2, which is a false economy because honestly I have no idea what it should usually cost. (€35.70)

7pm HOW had I not watched Riverdale before now?! It is SO addictive!

Daily total: €178.30


8am Thursday = Scéal Bakery day! Except the b*stards are off on holidays, so there are no cinnamon rolls. So I grab granola and coffee in the Fumbally anyway. The granola is good but honestly? Not as good as Two Pups’. (€11.90 – including my bus fare)

12.30pm Come lunchtime, it’s lashing rain and I’m starving. So I head to Teelings, which is the closest place to the office, and have a sandwich, a Diet Coke and a slice of red velvet cake. It’s all fine, but I’ve been spoiled by my gourmet lunches and I feel very sluggish after all of those white carbs. (What?! Sourdough is totally different!) (€12)

3pm I signed up to the office table tennis tournament, and we get an email to inform us that everyone who was knocked out in round one (er, me) is getting a second chance to essentially compete in a losers’ tournament. I am devastated; I had hoped my ping pong career was over. I spend the afternoon avoiding the colleague I’ve been matched with. I can’t face another crushing defeat.

5.30pm I get the bus home. Every time I walk home I think, I should just walk – it’s as quick! But most of the time I’m simply too lazy. Bah. (€1.50)

6.30pm My mum dropped me over bolognese at the weekend, so I defrost that and have it with pasta and grated cheese. So yum.

7pm More Riverdale! I love it but it makes me feel bad cos I fancy the very young men something rotten.

Daily total: €25.40


9am I meet a friend for breakfast in Laine My Love. They’ve started a new live music thing on Fridays so there’s a DJ in the cafe, which horrifies me. You can barely hear yourself think! We sit outside. (€20.50)

10.30am I head over to Grafton St to pick up some clothes I’m getting from Monsoon* for a new blog feature I’m starting (soon, I promise!). On the way, I grab an Americano in Starbucks. (€2.45)

12pm After Monsoon, I go to meet a man about a recorder. I’m heading to Manchester on Sunday to attend the Lush Showcase, where I’ll be interviewing Gabbi Loedolff, head of raw materials and safe synthetics at Lush, for my podcast. My producer, Liam, can’t come, so I had to source my own equipment, and when I asked in a podcasting group I’m in what people would advise I use, a lovely gentleman offered me a loan of his equipment. He saved my bacon!

2pm Home to interview another podcast guest – Linda Conway, founder of Stiall, an ethical fashion website. She brings her dog, Mylo, which is very distracting but also so fun. I love puppies!

5pm I have therapy today for the first time in ages; we chat a lot about how things have been going since my breakup, how work is going, what I’m feeling about myself and my future… In all, I feel like I’m pretty together at the moment, which is a nice feeling. It feels like a point of pride, to be able to go to therapy and say, “I want to talk about these things, because they’re interesting to me”, rather than just dissolving in tears as I sit down. Which is also okay! But it’s nice to have a mix of both. (€80)

6.30pm A friend of mine is coming over for dinner and bringing her dog, so I drive over to pick her up. On the way, I drop into Maxol and fill the car (my housemate’s) with petrol. She’s been letting me drive it every now and then so I feel like I should get the odd fill. I also pick up some treats – holy crunchy caramel M&Ms, Batman! (€55.57)

7.30pm I get home and my housemate hasn’t eaten either (I’m starving) so we order pizza from Zizzi’s on Deliveroo. It takes ages to arrive and when it does it’s lukewarm and the pizza is pretty dry. Disappointing – and expensive. (I pay; €67)

Daily total: €225.52


1pm I’m meeting a few friends for brunch in Angelina’s – I have the Angelina’s eggs (poached eggs, pork belly, muffins, Hollandaise and home fried potatoes) and coffee. Loads of coffee. We divide the bill weirdly – some of us are drinking, some of us aren’t – but I think it works out okay for everyone! (€30)

4pm We decided to get rid of (not in a gruesome way) our cleaner, so this week is the first where it’s up to us to do all the cleaning, and it’s my week. I realise that the reason the cleaner gets things done so quickly is that she doesn’t really tidy as she goes along; I end up pulling things out of presses and reorganising, and I go through all of our bags for life (far too many) and tidy them up. I also clean out the bathroom cabinets entirely. It feels great to have it done but I’m exhausted afterwards and I still have to pack for Manchester tomorrow!

8pm I order Bombay Pantry. Sure, the week is fucked anyway, isn’t it? (€18.70)

Daily total: €48.70


8.30am Our flight is at 10.30am and we’re checking in luggage, so I get a taxi on MyTaxi to the airport, picking up my friend, a photographer who’s coming along to take pics, en route. (€35.80)

9.30am At the airport, I pick up some cold medicine in Boots, along with batteries for the recorder. (€21.97)

10am Pre-flight coffee at Soho Coffee House in the airport. (€10.10)

12pm We arrive at our hotel, Innside Melia in Manchester, which is really lovely. I pre-load my Revolut card with €200 for the trip, which ends up costing €202.57. It’s a money card that works just like a debit card, but if you’re paying in a foreign currency you don’t get charged commission on every transaction, so you save money vs just using your debit card.

2pm We head to the Lush Showcase, for which we have a press pass – which also entitles us to a free meal (I have a vegan Calzone, which is yum). We take a break halfway to get a Costa Coffee, and a breather from the intense aromas! (€5.36)

6pm My interview is at 6pm and goes really well – that is, if I’ve managed to record it correctly! Gabbi is really interesting and I’m hoping it’ll make for a great podcast episode.

7pm We head back to the hotel, via Sainsburys, where we get some snacks and a magazine (or two). (€15.35)

8pm For dinner, we go to the Indian Tiffin Room, right next to our hotel. It’s really, really good. We share a kind of potato masala pancake thing for starters, and then I have butter chicken, which is amazing. I will never get tired of Indian food. (€36.92)

10pm I’m in bed – and almost asleep – at 10pm. Taking pictures of bath bombs is tiring, and air travel always really takes it out of me!

Daily total: €125.50

Weekly total: €671.46

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    This has nothing to do with the post, but you look trés chic in the photo, Rosemary!

  • Reply Neicey September 28, 2018 at 9:40 am

    I cant believe a take away pizza cost €67!

    • Reply Rosemary September 28, 2018 at 10:05 am

      Because it didn’t! As I said, my friend, my housemate and I all ordered Zizzi’s – and to be specific, we got pizza, sides and desserts!

  • Reply Katherine September 28, 2018 at 11:29 am

    Love these money diaries, although they ALWAYS make me hungry! 🙂

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