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How much did I spend this week? | Aug 20-26

August 27, 2018
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On Wednesday of last week, I was ready to declare that I’d changed my ways: my spending had been reformed! I’d only got one Boojum, I’d prepared my lunches on two of the three days, and cooked my own dinners… But then things went a bit pear-shaped towards the weekend. Still, we’re all a work in progress, right?

So what did I spend my money on this week?

For the first time in a long time, I can honestly say that I didn’t spend most of my money on food this week. There were theatre tickets, some personal grooming, a new T-shirt* (and undies) from Urban Outfitters, a deposit on a new tattoo and my monthly gym membership, for starters. Then, fine, there was a lot of food.


8.30am Start the week as you mean to go on, I say – so it’s granola and coffee at Two Pups. I’m allowing myself this one breakfast treat because yesterday evening I prepared my lunch – so I can eat breakfast out, knowing I’ll be having lunch at home. Hurrah! (€9.40)

11am I remember I brought some protein balls into work with me from Absolute Nutrition, so I scoff three. I’ve never been one for self-restraint.

1.30pm I have a massive chicken salad I made last night in the work canteen, along with some not-very-good coffee.

5.30pm Meet my friend after work for a screening of BlacKkKlansman. I have a lemonade pre-screening and then avoid all of the delicious miniature fried foods being handed around on platters. Am saint.

9.30pm On the way home, I go to Spar and honestly I have zero recollection of what I bought. Let’s be honest: it was probably cigarettes, but I also got something else. I’m going to guess it was unsweetened almond milk (because I then had quinoa porridge for dinner) and, er, God knows what else. (€23)

Daily total: €32.40


8am Breakfast is quinoa porridge – I make it with almond milk and coconut sugar, then drizzle with a teeny bit of maple syrup and top with raspberries and cacao nibs. Yum. I also prepare my lunch for today then get the bus to work. (€2.15)

1.30pm Lunch is salad – this time with an avocado and two hard-boiled eggs. It’s good but honestly salad gets so boring after a while. All that chewing!

5.30pm After work I head to Liam’s to record the latest episode of How to be Sound. This episode’s guest is Shawna Scott, the owner of Sex Siopa and all-round hilarious human. Afterwards, we walk home together.

7.30pm I’m feeling so saintly with my two home-cooked meals that I get a Boojum on my way home. (€8.80)

Daily total: €10.95


8.30am It is lashing rain and I’m running really late, so I make the decision to get a taxi. I justify it by telling myself I’ve cooked breakfast again (quinoa porridge, leftover from yesterday) and order a MyTaxi. (€12.80)

11.30am I had made an enquiry with a woman a friend pointed me to on Instagram, whose tattoo art I love – and she has a slot next week if I want to get my latest piece done. (No, tattoo removal has not put me off getting another!) So I PayPal her the €50 deposit to reserve my slot, and email her over some pics of what I have in mind. I’m excited (slash terrified) now!

1pm I meet my Mum for lunch in Fumbally; she pays. She does Pilates at Lift Training Studios every Wednesday at 12pm, and we usually meet for lunch afterwards. I have a big salad plate and some tap water – they do filtered water at Fumbally so I generally avoid getting a drink and just have that.

2pm After lunch I buy cigarettes in Spar. Bah. (€12.20)

3pm My cousin shares an event post on Facebook for Kiss Kiss Slap Slap, a play at Dublin Fringe Festival this year, and I decide to buy tickets. I don’t know what it’s about but there are three women behind it and it sounds interesting, plus I think any theatre is better than no theatre. (€24)

6.30pm Bus home! (€2.15)

7.30pm Dinner is steak, asparagus, green beans and avocado, all smothered in peanut rayu I got in Camerino. It’s almost finished and I won’t be replacing it for a while because (a) I could go through a jar in two days and (b) it’s not cheap.

Daily total: €101.15


8am Quinoa porridge again. I’m realising that I’m really a creature of habit. I get the bus to work. (€2.15)

1.30pm There’s a new café opened up near work, called Daniel, by the guys behind 3FE, so I decide to go check it out. They just do toasties, brownies, pastries and coffee, so I have a toastie with blue cheese and pudding, and a coffee. I’d actually brought my lunch in – steak salad – but I decide to have it for dinner when I get home instead. (€8.30)

5.30pm Bus home. (€2.15)

6pm I’m going to see Christopher Robin tonight in ODEON (disclosure: I’m working with ODEON on a series of sponsored posts on social media and on my blog over the next few months), so I have my steak salad for dinner and head out at around 7pm.

7.30pm The movie is great, and our complimentary tickets include snacks! I gorge myself on Caramel Nibbles (my faves) and Ben & Jerry’s and enjoy it all way too much.

10pm I’m off tomorrow so decide to watch a movie – I Google “the jumpiest horror films on Netflix” and the internet says to watch Hush, so I do but I’m kind of disappointed. I didn’t jump that much.

Daily total: €12.60


9am It’s my day off! But I wake up early (ish?) and make myself some quinoa porridge. Again. I don’t care, it’s still delicious.

10am My cleaner comes on a Friday and she was off last week so I get cash from the ATM to give her – I’ve always paid her for holidays or Christmas, if it falls on a Friday, because I feel like it’s really unfair if the rest of us get paid for holidays and she doesn’t. (€60)

12pm Heading into town and I get absolutely soaked. Grab two packs of cigarettes on my way in – one for me, and one for a friend I’m meeting for lunch (I owe him a tenner). I’m definitely smoking way too much these days.  (€23.90)

2pm I have an appointment to get sugared with Lindsay The Sugarist. I’ve been going to her for years – ever since I was at The Irish Times – and find sugaring so much better than waxing. I used to get really bad ingrown hairs but ever since I’ve been getting sugared I haven’t had a single issue. I also buy an exfoliating mitt from her; she sells these amazing mitts made of recycled, non-porous plastic, that don’t collect mould and/or skin cells and feel SO GOOD (I love a good scrub). My Hollywood is €60 and the mitt is €40 – it’s dear but they last years. (€100)

3pm I go to Bunsen for lunch with a friend; he pays. I have a double cheeseburger and sweet potato fries. Clearly, my healthy weekend has begun.

4.45pm I have an appointment at River Medical to chat about starting a course of treatments for my hormonal pigmentation, and a lot of texture I get on my cheekbones – I tend to get milia building up there and it means that, if I wear highlighter, my skin looks mega bumpy. It’s so annoying. River Medical have been looking after my skin FOC for a few years now; they’ve never asked for coverage or suggested that I do anything in return, but I always try to share on Instagram when I go in. I try to buy some products but Valerie, my therapist, sends me home with a sample pack and says she has to order in some bits especially, so I’ll drop back in next week to get those.

7pm For dinner, I order Indian from Bombay Pantry for two of us – it’s my favourite Indian in Dublin and never disappoints. (€35)

Daily total: €218.90


9am I’m teaching class at Lift this morning, so myself and my housemate drive over early to avoid Pope traffic and I buy two a coffee (for me) and a banana (for her) in Third Space. (€2.80)

11am After class, I head to Proper Order with my housemate and one of my former clients for more coffee and a cruffin. I pay for my housemate’s coffee, and then she gets me a second one afterwards. I regret nothing. (€11)

2pm Another friend calls over and we head to Cloud Cafe for some brunch. I have a bean and chorizo thing with eggs, coffee and a lemon bar. (€15.50)

5pm I meet another friend in town – I’m kind of in a funny mood and don’t really want to do anything, but we wander around Penneys for a while and then head to Marks & Spencer* to get some food for dinner; he pays, and then we cook burgers and rosemary potatoes at home, before settling down to watch The Innocents on Netflix for the evening. It’s not great but it’s only eight episodes long so I kind of want to finish the series now.

Daily total: €29.30


10.30am I get up early (for a Sunday!) and go to meet a friend for coffee in Koffee + Kale. The coffee is good, but we decide not to sit in because it’s packed and roasting, so we drink our coffees in the park. He pays.

11.30am My Flyefit membership fee comes out. I probably go once a month, which makes it so expensive, but I refuse to admit defeat and cancel it. I am determined to start training again. (€32)

1pm My housemate, a friend and I go to Herbstreet for Sunday brunch. We’d originally tried to go to Two Boys Brew but the roads were all blocked off for the Pope. I pay for my housemate and myself. (€35 including tip)

3pm Off to the Garden of Remembrance for the #Stand4Truth event, in solidarity with victims of clerical abuse and general ill treatment by the Catholic Church. It’s a really moving event – we walk in silence to Sean McDermott St, to the site of the last Magdalene Laundry that was open in Ireland, until 1996. That’s a pretty shocking fact.

6pm I’m hungry but haven’t taken any meat out of the freezer – so my friend and I go to Burger King, of all places, for dinner. I pay. (€18.74)

8pm Feeling guilty about how bad the second half of my week was for cooking, I take bolognese and chicken fillets out of the freezer for the week ahead. Watch another episode of The Innocents, an episode of Power and go to bed. Wrecked.

Daily total: €85.74

Weekly total: €491.04

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