How much did I spend this week? | August 13-19

August 20, 2018
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I had one of those rare and incredibly sociable weeks, where I went out almost every evening (thanks in no small part to the fact that my parents minded my dog for the week).

It was really nice to get out and about, eat in lovely restaurants and catch up with friends, but it’s the kind of super active week I can’t do very often – I need my “me time” to potter around and do nothing, and I didn’t get a lot of that this week at all.

So what did I spend my money on this week?

This will not come as a big surprise, but I spent the bulk of this week’s outgoings on food. I’m beginning to wonder if these money diaries are getting very boring, because my every week is the same! Food, food and more food. Plus cigarettes and bin charges. Rock ‘n’ roll!

I will continue to intersperse money diaries from other people every few weeks, to keep things interesting, and I am (honestly) going to try to stick to something of a modest budget next week. (As I type this, it’s Monday morning at 11.30am and I’ve already spent a tenner so I’m not sure how well this is going to go, but I’ll try. Isn’t that all we can do?)


8am I wake up to get ready for work and realise I’ve to stay home for a plumber – we’ve had a recurrent issue with our dishwasher / washing machine / oven (who knows which one is the real culprit) and this is attempt # 3 to fix it, so working from home it is.

9am I make myself a bowl of quinoa porridge and feel very smug about this excellent start to the week. Excellent (and free)!

12pm My housemate is away this week and told me that I could get myself insured on her car if I want to use it while she’s gone, so I call her insurance company and spend a painstaking 25 minutes sorting that out. In the end, it’s super cheap – just the processing fee – as I’ve had my licence for over 16 years and have never made a claim. I feel very old. (€35)

1.30pm I order myself a burrito from Boojum for lunch on Deliveroo. Old habits die hard, right? My parents are coming for dinner so I know that I won’t need to worry about that anyway! (€12.89)

3pm I spend the afternoon working on content around things to do and see in various cities where Staycity (where I work) has properties. It really makes me want to go on more city breaks; Berlin and Paris are sounding particularly appealing!

6.30pm My parents bring burgers for dinner, so my mum and I go down to Super Valu where I get burger buns, the makings of salad and some other bits. Mum tries to pay but I don’t let her (this is strategic; there will always come a day when I need her to pay for lunch, so I always try to pay when I can!). (€13.30)

Daily total: €61.19


8.30am Back to work so I get the bus and stop by Two Pups en route. As per. Granola + coffee + bus fare. (€11.45)

12.30pm I head for an early lunch but don’t feel like anything massive so I have a bowl of dahl in Two Pups (again). Then I clearly feel like treating myself so I have a slice of cake, which I’m not mad about and only eat half of, and an iced latte. My quick and cheap lunch has morphed into something not very cheap at all. (€15.90)

5.30pm I ordered a new pair of Nike Air Max* last week (conveniently, on a week I didn’t do a money diary) from Size? so I pop over to pick them up before they close, then I’m going to meet a friend for dinner in Featherblade at 6.30pm.

6pm I’m early, so I grab a San Pellegrino and sit outside Carluccio’s while I wait. (€2.75)

6.30pm Dinnertime! I haven’t been in Featherblade for ages and am very excited. I have their new Picanha steak, with truffle mac and cheese and we share some roasted broccoli. We each have Diet Cokes and then share an incredible peanut butter and chocolate dessert. We split the bill. (€32 including tip)

Daily total: €62.10


9am In work just in the nick of time. I don’t know why I’m so incredibly disorganised lately, but I just cannot seem to get up at a reasonable time to be in work in any way early. I drove in today and I skip breakfast; I’m still full from dinner last night so just make myself a lot of coffee in the work kitchen.

12.30pm The Fumbally has a special pad Thai today, so I have that – it’s delish, but it has these teeny tiny shrimps in it that are kind of giving me the willies. I’m weird about fish; I like it, but I kind of have to be in the mood. (€12)

1.30pm I’m clearly doing really well at giving up smoking. (That is sarcasm.) I drop into Spar and buy a packet of cigarettes, a Diet Coke and a pack of Reese’s pieces. And some gum. Honestly, I can’t quite remember what I bought in Spar but I know what it added up to. Sure, in for a penny, y’know? (€18.10)

6pm I’m meeting my friend Simone for dinner, so I pick her up from the DART and we go to Boco on Bolton St for pizza. It’s my favourite pizza place in Dublin; they do really great pop-up pizzas (specials, basically) and the staff are always lovely. (€26.65 including tip)

Daily total: €56.75


8.30am Thursday is Scéal Bakery day at the Fumbally, so I pop in on my way to work and buy some sourdough bread, two cinnamon scrolls for me and a colleague, and an Americano. (€16.70)

1pm I meet my friend Niamh for an impromptu lunch and, seeing an enormous queue in the Fumbally, we go to Salt + Stove on Clanbrassil St for sandwiches (and a sparkling water). We bump into Rebecca Flynn, whose sister owns the café, and I get to see her gorgeous baby, Thomas, so it’s a win all round! (€10.25)

3pm A few direct debits come out today – €50 to Greyhound for our bin collections and €33.45 for Phonewatch. They come out of my account, so I text my housemate to let her know her half. (€41.73)

5pm I meet a friend after work and we head to Marks & Spencer for some dinner supplies. I want to make a salad of grilled peaches, tomatoes and ricotta to go with the Scéal sourdough, and have that with some grilled chicken, so we pick up some supplies. And, of course, desserts. (€35.33)

7pm We watch the world’s worst horror movie, Don’t Knock Twice, and a few episodes of Orange is the New Black. I’m not loving the new season, but I’m invested enough to want to keep going with it, so…

Daily total: €104.01


9.30am Up early to go out to meet my parents for breakfast in Avoca – it’s been really nice having the use of a car this week! I stop en route and put €20 of petrol in the car, plus buy another pack of cigarettes. I really need to give up. Again. (€32.23)

11am I have a mixed berry scone and two Americanos. My parents insist on paying (in other words, my Dad pays and I say nothing).

12.30pm After breakfast it’s straight back into town for a meeting on Baggot St. Since when did parking get so prohibitively expensive?! (€2.90 for an hour)

3pm Then I’m out to Sandycove to get my Phi Brows topped up by Aisling. (I’m going to update that blog post in a few weeks once they’ve settled down.)

5.30pm Back home and I feel like this has been the longest day ever. I call a friend to see if she wants to come over, and we order Cotto on Deliveroo. I pay. Deliveroo also has a new Deliveroo Plus service they’re trialling, offering the first month free, which gives free delivery for €9.99 a month. Given the frequency of my Deliveroo orders, I think it would be well worth it, so I sign up. (€39)

Daily total: €74.13


8am I’m teaching class at Lift today so I’m up early. My housemate is back and she drives us to Smithfield and we find a free parking space! Hurrah! I get us each a coffee in Third Space before class. (€4.75)

11am I do a workout myself – my first in a few weeks – after teaching class. I just put myself through the same circuit I did with them, but give myself slightly less recovery time. I find it really tough; I really need to get back to lifting regularly. It scares me how quickly you lose your fitness levels.

12pm We pop into Lidl on Thomas St to do a very quick, sweaty shop. I’m determined not to spend a lot and just get the essentials. It goes really well. (€73.28, LOL)

1pm Back home, I make myself a sausage sandwich with some Superquinn sausages and the remainder of the sourdough, then sit on the patio in a sweaty stupor for about two hours.

3pm Time to shower – I’m meeting a friend this afternoon, so I need to get into my grown-up clothes.

5.30pm We go to Meltdown for an early dinner-slash-late lunch. I opt for the ribmelt this time, and an iced coffee, plus a sparkling water. I pay. (€25.40)

6.30pm After Meltdown, we do a little wander around – I’m trying to find a T-shirt from the film Alien: Covenant* (because I’m a massive nerd) so have a look in a few comic book shops. The best one I’ve found so far has been on Etsy, so I might just bite the bullet and buy online. I did see a lovely NASA tee in Urban Outfitters*, so I might also buy that…

7.30pm We buy donuts from the Rolling Donut on the way home (I get a peanut butter and jelly and have never been so happy; he pays) and then watch John Wick 2 online, illegally. I try to rent it but it’s only available to buy and I just don’t want to spend €8 on it. That’s granola money.

Daily total: €103.43


1pm I wake up at 1pm. 1pm! What is wrong with me?! Usually I’m woken by either the hunger or the need to pee, so this tells me that (a) I’ve been eating a lot and (b) not drinking enough water.

2pm Hunger be-damned, Sunday breakfast is a must, so myself and my housemate head to  Cloud Cafe for breakfast. I have the full Irish and an Americano – she pays.

3.30pm After breakfast, I pop into Spar. To buy more cigarettes. Of course. I keep telling myself that this will be the week I give up, but so far it hasn’t happened… (€12.20)

4pm I literally do nothing all afternoon. Scroll through Instagram, drink coffee, drink water, hang out my washing. Potter, potter, potter. I find these kinds of afternoons, with nothing “to do”, necessarily, very relaxing. I also prepare my lunch for tomorrow – grilled chicken and a massive salad.

7.30pm As I’m planning on starting my healthy new life tomorrow (chicken and salad, duh), I order one last Bombay Pantry. It takes about 90 minutes because of post-match traffic (damn you, GAA fans) and I devour it in about 10 seconds flat. (€18.40)

10.30pm I go to bed nice and early but lie awake until at least midnight with heartburn and a very full tummy. What a world.

Daily total: €30.60

Weekly total: €492.21

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  • Reply Aoife Ryan August 20, 2018 at 12:05 pm

    Still loving these diaries! The food makes me so jealous (and hungry). If I could eat out for every meal I probably would y’know.

  • Reply Richard Mullins August 22, 2018 at 4:32 pm

    Hi Rosemary

    I am enjoying reading your diaries somewhat. I used to spend money like this. What is your goal behind posting your diaries? Are you looking to take any action with regards to your spending?

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