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How much did YOU spend this week? | Trish, 46, secretary

September 19, 2018
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I am Trish and I work in travel services in a university. I have no children and I am also single.

I live in a Nordic country, so that brings up a few benefits like cheap healthcare, far more opportunities to rent at reasonable rate and more secure rental agreements, free education system for children if you have some etc.

I am currently working as a travel secretary in the university. My job includes for example processing travel expense claims and other expense claims. I advise people on travel related issues and issues regarding the claims. I book flights, hotels etc. and so much more. I’m always very busy but I love my job.

So what did you spend your money on this week?

This week was very busy for me because I also started studying in the Open University. I have no socialising at all in this week’s money diary because of that reason. I needed to see how my studies fit in my work schedule and get all this in to my calendar. So don’t worry I do socialise just not during this week.


I wake up at 6am and go to the shower. Lovely, another work week is beginning today. I feel a bit tired; Mondays are not always my best days. I eat a banana get ready and walk to work.

I start work at 7am, the joys of having flexible starting and finishing times. I can start work between 7am and 10am and finish between 2.30pm and 6pm.

This is a typical Monday – very busy and time flies. I bring my own breakfast and lunch so I have no cost for those today. I leave work at 3pm and walk home, make dinner and watch some TV.

I decide it’s time to make some changes in my wardrobe. I need to put my summer clothes away and bring out my autumn clothes, but I need some more hangers. I want thin ones that don’t take up too much space so I decide to check Amazon. Dangerous – I always end up buying other stuff too.

I find some hangers so I buy 100 for €34.99* and, of course, I found some necklace extenders that I just had to buy, in rose gold and gold for €17.98. I have a couple of necklaces that are too short so now that problem is fixed.

Daily total: €52.97


It’s like groundhog day: wake up at 6am, take a shower and go to work for 7am.

Sometimes my workweek go very fast because I’m so busy at work. I always bring my breakfast and lunch to work, I try to save some money that way.

Today I also register for some of my Open University courses. I leave work at 3pm.

I was paid on Friday and today it’s time to pay my bills. Rent (€469 including water and heating), insurance (€19.70), TV and WiFi (€26.39), credit card repayment (€180), fund investment (€100).

I have no debt bar my credit card, which I use to buy any pricier items. I always pay extra towards it to clear it faster. I also invest monthly to a fund, for long-term investment.

Daily total: €795.09


It seems I am a slave to my routine; I like to wake up early and go to work.

Another busy day at work. I leave work later than usual since we have our weekly work meeting today.

I walk home and decide to go to the shop to buy some food. We have a breakfast buffet tomorrow morning at work, so each of us brings something with us.

I end up buying more than just the food for the breakfast. One should never go to the shop while hungry. And yes, I bought ice-cream.

I try to look at my study notes this evening but I am way too tired.

Daily total: €38.31


Writing this diary has brought me to the realisation that I am a pretty boring person. Wake up at 6am etc. No need to bore you with the same details over and over.

We had the breakfast today at work, I end up eating far too much and I am still full when it is lunchtime. So what do I do? I end up eating again, of course. I decide to leave work at 3pm – more for my stomach than for anything else. I walk home and enjoy the lovely weather.

I notice that I need to top up my phone so I go online and top it up for €40. That will probably last me a good few months.

I study for the rest of the evening.

Daily total: €40


I end up leaving work today at 12pm because I have a doctor’s appointment. Normally, if I go to my health centre, my GP costs me €20.60 for the first three visits, after which it’s be free for the rest of the year. I’m actually seeing a specialist, based in the private hospital, which means private hospital prices. I don’t need to tell you about that since you all know how expensive that is in Ireland. I lived in Ireland for 15 years so I know all about those prices!

I take a taxi from work to the private hospital (€11.90).

I have a 45-minute consultation with the doctor who ends up giving me a list of tests that I need to take and, after the tests, I need to book a telephone time for him. This consultation costs €155.

I go to the pharmacy and buy some vitamin D pills – my tests showed I have deficiency (€26.50).

I decide to take a taxi back home (€12.30).

I go to the shop and by myself a magazine and some food (€20.24).

Daily total: €225.94


I try to sleep in but, of course, I end up waking up early.

I take a shower, watch some YouTube and also do some reading. I text with my sister and do some more reading. I feel a bit tired so I end up doing feck all today except watch TV, read and do some studying.

Daily total: €0


I wake up early around 6.30am and decide it’s time to go to the library. I live near a library that has self service, meaning you can get in between 7am and 9pm from Monday to Sunday. You just swipe your library card and put your code in. It has also staff in during the week.

Funnily enough, today I’m not the first one in there.

I go to the shop and buy some food for the week to take in for work and for home (€47.36).

I come back to home and study. After that I watch some TV and eat my lunch.

I decide to study some more and then it is time to make dinner.

I have another relaxing day doing feck all, but sometimes you need these days to recharge.

This was my week, not a typical one because there was no socialising, but sometimes you have to give up something to get things done.

Daily total: €47.36

Weekly total: €1,199.67

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