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How much did YOU spend this week? | Sarah, 32, blogger

October 1, 2018
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This week’s spending diary comes from Sarah Hanrahan, a 32-year-old blogger and content creator who blogs under the moniker “I Come Undone“. She does weekly posts detailing all of the things you can get up to in Dublin in the coming week, as well as a monthly post on restaurants she discovered that month – meaning that her site is a pretty comprehensive director of what’s on in Dublin, as well as where you should be eating! You can follow her on Instagram @i_come_undone.

So what did she spend her money on this week?

Sarah: “I usually give myself a pretty strict weekly budget, and I almost always stick to it! But this week was unusual because I had a few irregular expenses, and an impromptu roof party!”


8am My Monday starts like most weekdays, which is admin followed by a gym class at 10am. This morning I’m trying to squeeze more in as it’s gonna be a hectic week so I really want to stay ahead… that means I get my Depop stock sorted for Friday and run errands before spinning. The errands include posting a package to my sister in Australia (€13) and calling into the pharmacy to collect my pill and some dry shampoo (€14.26).

11am I come home to a package for an upcoming collaboration so decide to shoot those images as I get ready for two back-to-back meetings from 1.30pm-3.30pm. The unscheduled work sets me back, meaning I don’t have time for breakfast. My boyfriend Sean sees that I’m stressed so kindly offers me a lift into town which I gladly accept as it’s not a frequent occurrence. I sit passenger-side getting emails done and wrestling Stanley (my dog!) while eating two boiled eggs I stuffed into a tea towel before I ran out the door.

1.30pm My first meeting is delayed by 15 minutes so I take the opportunity to take some outfit pics in Temple Bar. I go straight from the meeting at 1.45pm to the next one at 4pm.

5pm I leave the second meeting and run to the cobblers to collect a pair of suede boots I had cleaned (€20) then jump on the bus home (€2.15 on my Leap) I use the time on the bus to edit the photos I took today.

5.45pm I arrive home and sit down to work which consists of going through contracts for upcoming collaborations, generating RewardStyle links for this week’s outfits and responding to the afternoon’s emails.

8.30pm My mom sent me home with lots of leftovers after I visited her last week so that makes for a quick dinner (veg curry and rice) which I enjoy with Sean before I spend another hour responding to DMs and writing captions for an upcoming campaign.

10pm Relax before bed.

Daily total: €49.31


8am My day starts the same, except I have no coffee in the house to enjoy while I start the day’s admin. I have a banana for breakfast (dunno why I’m turning this into a food diary of sorts but I’m gonna run with it m’kay?) and get started on emails and housework then head to yoga for 9.15am.

10am Finish yoga, rush to the bank then head to Laine, My Love for a coffee (€4) while I take a conference call at 10.30am about an upcoming collaboration. Then I spend an hour researching how to create video content for Instagram, something I really want to start but don’t know how to do (I’m surprising un-techy). I buy coffee beans for the house on my way out. (€12)

12pm I have an appointment with the amazing Eavanna Breen of Akina Beauty, who I started going to nearly two years ago. I’ve been offered treatments in many other places since I started going to her but never waver as Eavanna is so good. Eavanna kindly does my treatment free of charge.

1.30pm Cycle home, collecting pieces from my local seamstress on the way (€30). Neither this, nor a visit to the cobbler, are regular occurrences for me but I was feeling very organised last week so took pieces that needed mending to them. Sean makes cheese toasties for lunch.

3.30pm I get cracking on updating all my food posts to be categorised by area (as per many requests).

7.30pm I start my weekly Beauty Tuesdays Instagram Stories.

8pm Dinner (veg and roast potatoes as the guys were having meat with theirs) followed by an hour of admin (emails and responding to DMs).

9.30pm I start September’s food post… much later than planned but I vastly underestimated how long it would take me to re-categorise all the restaurants earlier.

12.30am I iron the pieces for some looks I’m shooting tomorrow (the joys) then go to bed.

Daily total: €46


8am Usual admin start followed by a gym class at 10am.

10.45am Home, start getting ready for a shoot I’m doing in town today for a high-street brand.

1pm Lunch of eggs and toast (late breakfast, basically).

2.30pm Leave for town, shoot some looks in Temple Bar, parking in town (€4.99).

4.30pm Home to do some edits and admin.

5.30pm Run out to door with my friend Cathal to go to a movie preview starting at 6.30pm. I get the bus (€2.15) and Luas (€1.50) to get there. Cathal pays for the popcorn (dinner).

8pm We grab a Luas to Smithfield (€1.50) for a nightcap in Frank Ryans, which I pay for (€12), then a bus up the road cause I’m wearing new boots that are now killing me (€1.50).

Daily total: €23.64


8.30am Feeling wrecked this morning but have a good bit of work to do before the gym so get cracking on it. I get a banner made for an event I’m speaking at, do my Five For Friday, update my RewardStyle and respond to emails.

10.30am Ass & Abs class, it was killer.

11.30am Breakfast of eggs and mackerel then get a bit of housework done.

12.30pm I sit down to start next week’s events post.

5.30pm I give myself 30 minutes to make myself semi-presentable before I run out the door. I was hoping to get an outfit pic but the rain has other ideas… This means I go with a classic all-black look, saving the “insta-worthy” outfit for a less rainy day.

6.30pm I get a very delayed bus (€2.15) and arrive late (horrible, I know) to meet my friends Gen and Liz for dinner in Kimchi Hophouse, I enjoy veg dumplings, bibimbap and a glass of red. (€30)

8.30pm I decide, last minute, to go to a rooftop party so grab some cans. (€8)

1.30am We split a taxi home. (€5)

Daily total: €45.15


7.15am Up and get ready for a breakfast event in town, work from the bus (€2.15) promoting this week’s content and getting today’s content ready.

9am Have breakfast (avo toast and OJ) with Molton Brown in the Ivy Dublin before running some errands, buying a The Big Issue (€3) and meeting my mom for coffee (coffee and water €5.50) in Shoe Lane. I see a man walking a dog so ask if I can pet him; his name is Rebel.

1pm I pop into Mango on the way home to return a faulty item and see another bag I love is on sale so treat myself to it (€20) then hop on the bus (€2.15).

1.30pm Arrive home, get some admin done and get some new stock uploaded to my Depop. Sean calls and offers to pick me up a Subway so a 6-inch tuna sub is today’s lunch.

4.30pm I walk Stanley around the park with Sean and go straight from there to walk into town to meet friends for dinner in M&L Chinese, stopping to give a homeless man all the change I have (€1.50) chatting to him for a while and petting his dog. I live only a 30-minute walk from town so I like to walk when I can. I share a bottle of red, shared veg dumplings to start and black pepper veg for main (€28).

7.30pm We go to see The Patient Gloria in The Abbey Theatre. One of the girls picked up early-bird tickets for it months ago (€10). I get a glass of red for the show (€7.20).

9.30pm The girls suggest “going for one” in The Flowing Tide. I’ve never been so naturally I have to say yes as I can’t resist an opportunity to try something new in Dublin. I wait politely at the bar while others shout orders (…and receive said orders) over my shoulder until I finally ask when I’m going to be served before getting a glass of red (€5.80).

10.30pm When I finish my drink I see my bus (€2.15) is due in 15 minutes so decide to catch that. I stop for a packet of Meanies on the way (€1.10) and then stop to pet Rebel who I’d coincidently run into again… meaning I have to literally leg it to catch my bus as I see it speeding past me, mid-pet.

Daily total: €78.55


9am I had a much-needed solid sleep, I have a coffee in bed then we head out.

12pm We meet Suzi Walsh, a behaviourist with Stanley to tackle the issue of him barking when he’s playing. He’s an amazing dog but, as he’s a staffie we feel very aware of these things manifesting and putting other dog owners off letting him play with their dogs in the park. The behaviourist remarks several times about how good he is before asking us why we’re even there and saying she feels bad for charging us as he’s such a well behaved dog. We did learn some things about stopping play barking though so we’re happy we went. We pay €100 for someone to tell us he’s one of the most well behaved dogs she’s ever met (my half is €50; Sean and I don’t share money).

2.30pm We grab lunch in Legit, I have a halloumi plate and oat dirty chai. (€15)

3.30pm I collect my mom to go to the celebrations of the 30-year resurrection of the Luke Kelly plaque.

5.30pm I walk to Glasnevin to go to The Washerwoman for dinner. I have a fish dish from the specials but I don’t have a starter or dessert as I’m not that hungry after brunch. Mom insists on paying so I just leave the tip. (€10)

Daily total: €75


I spend the day getting ready for the week ahead which includes scheduling posts, planning outfits, creating RewardStyle links, washing my makeup brushes, doing housework and, packaging Depop stuff ready to ship tomorrow.

Daily total: €0

Weekly total: €314.65

If you enjoyed reading Sarah’s money diary, you might enjoy checking our her blog at I Come Undone. You can shop her Depop here and, if you feel like supporting her financially, you can sign up to her Patreon hereRead more about why you might think about supporting creatives with your money here.

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