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Chiara Ferragni’s 10-day-postpartum body, woman-shaming and the subtle art of showing off

Chiara Ferragni postpartum

I used to love Chiara Ferragni. Well, I’ve never known Chiara Ferragni intimately, so to say I loved her is probably hyperbole – but I was a fan. I read her blog semi-regularly. I blame her for my obsession with Acne’s blue silk platform court shoes that I still frequently hunt for on Depop, eBay […]


FACT: Being a full-time blogger is easier than 99% of jobs

fashion blogger Sincerely Jules

I know, I know – you’re shocked and stunned by the revelation that working as a full-time blogger is, in fact, all fun and games. (Stay with us.) I worked as a full-time blogger for a little over a year, give or take. You can read about my transition from journalist to full-time blogger here, and […]


Wanna know how to blog? Here’s my blogging 101

how to blog laptop

Ever wondered how to blog? Where do you get started? How do you promote your content and – crucially – how do you make money? Well, you may or may not find the answers here…