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Summer coats to buy now (and wear all year)

summer coats River Island Frassy

Like good hearts, summer coats these days are hard to find. So I’ve taken the hard work out of it by selecting the only acceptable ones.


Things to do in Dublin – let’s play tourist for a weekend!

things to do in Dublin city Stephens Green

Ever stuck for things to do in Dublin for a fun, touristy weekend? We packed up our bags and went on a city staycation in our home town – here’s what we got up to.


My adventures in colonic irrigation (yes, really)

colonic irrigation Ireland

There’s been this … well, I want to say “odd”, but when you think about it, it’s not odd at all … perhaps confusing trend of referring to “colonic irrigation” (that is to say, the insertion of a pipe up one’s bottom and the use thereof to flush other things out of said bottom) as “colonic hydrotherapy”. To […]