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Sex & Relationships

Sexual partners, virginity (or lack thereof) and promiscuity

June 27, 2018
sexual partners Rosemary Mac Cabe

If you enjoy reading my blog, would you consider paying $1 a month to become a patron? You’ll be supporting the work I do (podcasting, writing, the occasional YouTube upload) by paying for that content – and it will allow me more time and financial freedom to concentrate on writing, podcasting, YouTubing and God knows what else! Read more about how you can become a patron (and why you would want to) here. I’ve been thinking about sexual partners a lot lately –…

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The 3 most expensive purchases I ever made

Given the intense interest in my spending diary, I thought some more financial confessions were in order – so make yourself a brew and pull up a chair while I dish the dirt on the three most expensive things I ever bought. These would…

June 21, 2018
summer skincare 2018 Rosemary Mac Cabe
Beauty skincare

Summer skincare and beauty favourites: 2018 edition

If you enjoy reading blog posts like ‘Summer skincare and beauty favourites’, would you consider donating as little as $1 a month (about 89 cents) to support and my podcast, How to be Sound? I have a Patreon account where you can do…

June 4, 2018