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Brussels sprouts as you’ve never had them

brussels sprouts with chorizo

Whether you like or loathe Brussels sprouts, this recipe is a guaranteed people-pleaser – sprouts as you’ve never had them before. Satisfaction guaranteed.


Favourite things… June 2016 edition

Rosemary Mac Cabe June favourites Nando's Fino Platter

Food, some more food, baby blankets and dog controls – this month’s favourites are a mixed bag!


Clean eating recipes I swear by – Paleo, gluten-free and delish

Rosemary Mac Cabe Paleo eat clean recipes

If you’re on board with the #4WeekChallenge, or simply trying to make a few healthy changes, these clean eating recipes – that are super tasty, I promise – might help!


An ode to Eddie Rocket’s – with bonus #OOTD

Rosemary Mac Cabe Eddie Rocket's

It’s confession time: I <3 Eddie Rocket's, and I probably always will. Here's why – and it's about more than just those sinful chocolate malts (I swear).


Eating out in Dublin: where to go to stay on-plan

Bare Food Company Drogheda

One thing I was sure of when I started clean eating, was that I didn’t want to stop going to restaurants! I love eating out in Dublin, and don’t see why I should have to stop because I’m eating clean. Here’s where I go, and what I choose.