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The copper coil, one year later: an update

copper coil update contraceptive

My copper coil and I have had a pretty tempestuous relationship thus far, but I’ve finally made peace with my contraceptive of choice – here’s the update.


My mooncup sucked out my coil: a true horror story

mooncup sucks out copper coil bloom magic flowers

If you’re of a squeamish disposition, there is a strong chance that you won’t want to read this tale – of a battle between mooncup and copper coil, in which only one can be the victor – although, given the title, I’m surprised you clicked through to begin with. Why use a mooncup? Let’s start […]


Why I’m calling quits on the copper coil

copper coil IUD contraception

Ready for a little early-morning contraception talk? I thought long and hard about having the copper coil inserted – four months later, here’s why I’m having it removed.