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Coping strategies for depressed people who need to get on with things

coping strategies for people with depression

If you like reading my work, please consider donating as little as $1 a month (about 89 cents) to support and my podcast, How to be Sound. I have a Patreon account where you can do just that – read all about it here and check it out here. Let’s get one thing straight: when it comes to coping […]


The effects of depression on my everyday life

the effects of depression Rosemary Mac Cabe

Think you know about the effects of depression? Well, you probably don’t – because they’re many and varied and most of them will be a surprise.


Depression, low mood, anxiety and zero motivation: me RN

depression anxiety low mood no motivation

For those of us who suffer from depression, periods of low mood can be pretty scary – even if we’re lucky enough to have a strong support system.


What’s the point of therapy? Lessons I’ve learned

the sopranos psychiatrist what's the point of therapy

It’s my therapy anniversary – I started seeing my therapist exactly a year ago, and in those 12 months I have learned a LOT.


My journey with depression and how I mind my mental health

depression mental health

Hi! I’m Rosemary, and I suffer from depression. That’s not the end of my story – and it doesn’t have to be the end of yours, either…