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Did you just call someone a scumbag? Uh-oh, I think your snobbery is showing

scumbag snobbery language Rosemary Mac Cabe

Why are we still using words like “scumbag” to talk about people we don’t like? Eh, hi, because we’re elitist snobs. Sorry.


Best pancakes in Dublin – from sinful to (almost) saintly

best pancakes in Dublin

Who makes the best pancakes in Dublin, you ask? Whether you’re into crepes or hotcakes, here are my top pancake picks for the day that’s in it.


Dublin city cycling – and a plea to drivers

Dublin city cycling sunset

Ah, Dublin city cycling – a fun pastime, a great way to commute and some fun and frolics of a Saturday afternoon. But – oh – the risks you’ll take…


Things to do this weekend (nothing outdoorsy, I promise)

things to do this weekend Science Gallery Design and Violence

If you’re looking for things to do this weekend, you may like this post – unless you like the outdoors, or sports, in which case, look elsewhere. Kthxbai.


Things to do in Dublin – let’s play tourist for a weekend!

things to do in Dublin city Stephens Green

Ever stuck for things to do in Dublin for a fun, touristy weekend? We packed up our bags and went on a city staycation in our home town – here’s what we got up to.