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Paddy Jackson, “innocence”, rape and redemption

Paddy Jackson Belfast rape rugby player

When Paddy Jackson, Stuart Olding, Blane McIlroy and Rory Harrison were acquitted, in March, of all charges in a rape trial that lasted nine weeks (while the jury’s deliberations lasted three hours and 40 minutes), we should have known that wouldn’t be the end of things. It was a verdict that sparked outrage and protests; […]


Conor McGregor: the problem with machismo

Conor McGregor GQ magazine

Have you read Conor McGregor’s GQ interview? OTT bravado may be his thing, but he’s getting dangerously close to Trump levels of misogyny.


Sugar babies and sugar daddies – a muddle of thoughts

sugar babies sugar daddies Snapchat

I rarely think about sugar babies – but when I started following one on Snapchat, I started having a lot of thoughts, and they’re not all good.


Instagram vs reality: a problem of representation

Instagram vs reality AnnaVictoria

Fitness models, beauty bloggers and social media stars are always harping on about Instagram vs reality – but aren’t they the main culprits?


Books worth reading in 2017 | Rosemary recommends

books worth reading Rosemary Mac Cabe

You want the names of some books worth reading? You got ’em…