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Sugar babies and sugar daddies – a muddle of thoughts

sugar babies sugar daddies Snapchat

I rarely think about sugar babies – but when I started following one on Snapchat, I started having a lot of thoughts, and they’re not all good.


Books worth reading in 2017 | Rosemary recommends

books worth reading Rosemary Mac Cabe

You want the names of some books worth reading? You got ’em…


Reflections from #FemFest: My feminist future

Rosemary Mac Cabe femfest feminist future

At FemFest in Dublin, I spoke to a group of young women about feminism today – and tomorrow. Here are some of the more salient points.


A missive to my local TDs – from an angry, frightened, heartbroken citizen

to my local TDs

Do you know who your local TDs are? I didn’t – until I decided to put my words into, well, a form of action, and write them an email. Because I’m angry, and I’m scared, and I’ve had enough.


Vagina is not a dirty word: 30 things I know at 30

Michael Hussar vagina art

So, I’m 30 now – and there have been a few hard lessons learned along the way. Here’s what I know now (that I didn’t before).