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What does “healthy eating” even mean?! (Some notes)

healthy eating Rosemary Mac Cabe

It can be REALLY confusing to figure out what “healthy eating” means, and how to make sure we’re doing it – so where do we start?


Privilege, priorities and making time for the gym | Rosemary Rants

privilege, priority, working out, fitness

Making it to the gym on the daily isn’t about how much you want it – it’s about privilege, and I’m sick of hearing people say otherwise.


Weightlifting in Portugal: a retreat with Lift Training Studios

weightlifting Lift Training Studios Lagos retreat

Weightlifting in the sun sounds like just the ticket – but is a week of working out in Portugal really a holiday? And would I do it again?


World Marathon Challenge: Would you be able?

World Marathon Challenge Allianz Ireland Sinead Kane

Sinead Kane is aiming to be the first visually impaired athlete to complete a World Marathon Challenge – and that’s not the only incredible thing about her.


#BodyGoals, #IIFYM and the eternal search for a little something called balance

food salad healthy eating balance

I eat healthier than ever before – but I still can’t seem to find a balance when it comes to my diet. Why is it so hard to let go?