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Alexa Chung, concern trolling and why her body is none of your business

Alexa Chung body concern trolling

I don’t follow Alexa Chung. I can’t afford to buy her clothes, I’m jealous of her relationship with Alexander Skarsgard aka the hottest vampire in the world ever, and I find her ability to look good even when she clearly hasn’t washed her hair in days irritating. So this piece is not a defense of […]


Popular in 2017 – is it you, or me?

Robert Kelly interview 2017

What really did it for me in 2017? Rather than reflecting on the year as a whole, I wanted to take the opportunity to truly focus on the positives.


3 Irish girls on Instagram who should be Instagram famous

gals who should be Instagram famous

Okay fine, “Instagram famous” shouldn’t be a thing – but as it is, and we’re here, I may as well point you in the direction of this trio. You’re welcome.


Privilege, priorities and making time for the gym | Rosemary Rants

privilege, priority, working out, fitness

Making it to the gym on the daily isn’t about how much you want it – it’s about privilege, and I’m sick of hearing people say otherwise.


Instagram Stories vs Snapchat: we have a winner!

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Rosemary Mac Cabe

In the great battle of 2017 – Instagram Stories vs Snapchat – who will come out on top? Is it all about numbers, or are there other factors to consider?