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A romantic weekend break in Cork (by my standards)

a romantic weekend in Cork Metropole Hotel

What does a romantic weekend in Cork look like? Well, if you’re anything like me, there’s going to be a lot of coffee, for starters!


Dublin city cycling – and a plea to drivers

Dublin city cycling sunset

Ah, Dublin city cycling – a fun pastime, a great way to commute and some fun and frolics of a Saturday afternoon. But – oh – the risks you’ll take…


Things to do in Dublin – let’s play tourist for a weekend!

things to do in Dublin city Stephens Green

Ever stuck for things to do in Dublin for a fun, touristy weekend? We packed up our bags and went on a city staycation in our home town – here’s what we got up to.


A missive to my local TDs – from an angry, frightened, heartbroken citizen

to my local TDs

Do you know who your local TDs are? I didn’t – until I decided to put my words into, well, a form of action, and write them an email. Because I’m angry, and I’m scared, and I’ve had enough.


Here’s why I’m pro-choice: a beginners’ guide

abortion ireland choice

Y’know abortion? Well, it’s happening whether you agree with it or not – here’s why I’m pro-choice (because keeping it illegal is pointless, dangerous and just plain dumb).