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Quitting Snapchat? Here’s the one thing that might push me over the edge

quitting Snapchat ghost

I’ve touched on this before, but I’ve never thought about quitting Snapchat until this evening. Why not? Well, I love Snapchat! I have a big group of people on Snapchat that I connect and engage with on a daily basis and I love that. Quite aside from that, I have a whole host of people whose snap […]


Shop the 2016 Christmas sales – what bargains can be had where?

2016 Christmas sales bargains Rosemary Mac Cabe

Want to get away from your family for a while? Try shopping the 2016 Christmas sales online – here are some of my top picks.


Disappointing products I tried this year – don’t waste your money

disappointing products Saint Laurent trainers Style MBA

Instead of the usual ‘things you MUST buy’ list, I thought it might be helpful to tell you about those you shouldn’t.


All I want for Christmas… Perfect presents under €100

christmas presents under €100 Rosemary Mac Cabe

I’m not one to go OTT with Christmas presents, so with a €100 ceiling for gifts, here’s what’s tickling my fancy.


Black Friday discounts A-Z – the best deals on online shopping this weekend

Black Friday discounts online shopping sale 2016

Black Friday discounts are the best things about Thanksgiving – well, aside from the turkey – so here are just a few of the savings you can expect to make this weekend.