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Your love gives me such a thrill, but your love won’t pay my bills…

June 3, 2018
what is Patreon

I tweeted yesterday about my Patreon account – where I’m asking people to support me but, more specifically, my podcast, How to be Sound, by pledging to pay a certain amount per month. You can see how that went in the tweets below, or on my Instagram, where the comments got similarly… heated. What she said 👇🏼 — Rosemary Mac Cabe ❄ (@RosemaryMacCabe) June 2, 2018 Ever wonder what happens when you ask those who regularly consume the content…

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Caroline Hirons How to be Sound

How to be Sound with Caroline Hirons: Episode 7 transcript

This episode of How to be Sound features none other than international skincare guru, Caroline Hirons, talking all things, well, blogging. We chatted about Bloggers Unveiled, how to wrangle a free car and whether or not bloggers deserve the crap they get online. Here’s…

April 25, 2018