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Where to eat in Cuba – the best restaurants we found

where to eat in Cuba restaurants

Going on holidays to Cuba? Take my word for it – if you know where to go, you’ll eat like a queen (or king). Here are my top Cuban restaurants.


Clean eating recipes I swear by – Paleo, gluten-free and delish

Rosemary Mac Cabe Paleo eat clean recipes

If you’re on board with the #4WeekChallenge, or simply trying to make a few healthy changes, these clean eating recipes – that are super tasty, I promise – might help!


An ode to Eddie Rocket’s – with bonus #OOTD

Rosemary Mac Cabe Eddie Rocket's

It’s confession time: I <3 Eddie Rocket's, and I probably always will. Here's why – and it's about more than just those sinful chocolate malts (I swear).


Eating out in Dublin: where to go to stay on-plan

Bare Food Company Drogheda

One thing I was sure of when I started clean eating, was that I didn’t want to stop going to restaurants! I love eating out in Dublin, and don’t see why I should have to stop because I’m eating clean. Here’s where I go, and what I choose.


The best Dublin restaurants I tried in 2015

best restaurants Vintage Kitchen Dublin Ireland

For a seasoned foodie, Dublin restaurants have a lot to offer – here are just some of the best eateries I’ve had the pleasure of frequenting this year, and a short hit list of where I want to go next.