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Revenge porn and me – and a Dublin taxi driver I once knew

The fear that a moment in your life could be used against you – in an incident of revenge porn, say – is a distinctly female terror. And it shouldn’t be.


Let’s talk about sex, baby: at-home STI testing with Let’s Get Checked #ad

at-home STI testing Let's Get Checked Rosemary Mac Cabe

Let’s Get Checked provides an at-home STI testing kit that allows you to really take control of your sexual health. But don’t take my word for it: I enlisted the help of three people to try it out and let me know what they thought.


Charter Medical’s Executive Health Screen: my experience

Charter Medical Women's Executive Health Screen Rosemary Mac Cabe

Think of the Women’s Executive Health Screen at Charter Medical as your personal NCT – because even if you look the picture of health, your engine might need a little TLC…


Why I’m calling quits on the copper coil

copper coil IUD contraception

Ready for a little early-morning contraception talk? I thought long and hard about having the copper coil inserted – four months later, here’s why I’m having it removed.