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A little life update (of sorts)

Where have I been – and what’s next?


Instagram Stories vs Snapchat: we have a winner!

Instagram Stories vs Snapchat Rosemary Mac Cabe

In the great battle of 2017 – Instagram Stories vs Snapchat – who will come out on top? Is it all about numbers, or are there other factors to consider?


Get your kids off Snapchat, please – for their sakes (and mine)

kids Snapchat Sacconejoly vlogging blogging

Do you really need me to explain why Snapchatting your kid’s every move is dumb? (I mean, I hope the answer is yes, cos I wrote a whole piece about it.)


Snapchat: Is it really just a shallow, pointless waste of time?

Snapchat pointless waste of time Rosemary Mac Cabe

A recent Irish Times article claims that Snapchat is shallow, pointless, self-serving and – ultimately – a waste of time. Could that possibly be true?!


Quitting Snapchat? Here’s the one thing that might push me over the edge

quitting Snapchat ghost

I’ve touched on this before, but I’ve never thought about quitting Snapchat until this evening. Why not? Well, I love Snapchat! I have a big group of people on Snapchat that I connect and engage with on a daily basis and I love that. Quite aside from that, I have a whole host of people whose snap […]