02, February 2016

So you think you want to be a journalist?

I get a lot of emails. Okay, so most of these are from Net-a-Porter, showing me beautiful things I can't afford – but occasionally I get emails from young women who follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat (@rosemarymaccabe) or Instagram telling me that they would like to be a journalist – and asking how to go about it. I try [ read more ... ]

Uma Thurman Pulp Fiction smoking

20, January 2016

Six months later: how I quit smoking

Want to quit smoking? If you're a smoker, you probably do – kind of. But it's not as easy as reading a book or chewing some gum – and it's making it last that's the really tough part. In a way, I consider myself as much an expert on quitting as anyone else; as Mark Twain said, "Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I [ read more ... ]

before after body transformation fitness

15, January 2016

#Fitfam forever: how to stay motivated

One of the most frequently asked questions – on Snapchat (@rosemarymaccabe), Instagram, Twitter and Facebook – is how I've managed to stay motivated throughout my fitness journey. (Bit of background: in the past three months, under the careful tutelage of Niamh Fitzgerald, PT and head honcho at Lift Training Studios*, I've started [ read more ... ]